Posting From a Hospital Bed

Posting From a Hospital Bed

As I type this post, we’re spending some time in a Neurology hospital in Dallas, Texas, and we’d be grateful for your prayers. I’m typing this in the late night hours, from LeRoy’s hospital room. I don’t know how often I can post, it’s hard to even find time to eat, but I wanted to reach out to you because we need you right now.

Back in 2015, shortly after Moody Publishers asked us to write “Men Who Love Fierce Women, LeRoy began having some odd physical issues. The symptoms that began two years ago increased dramatically while we were out of the country last week. I was speaking at The Gospel Coalition Atlantic Canada conference, more than two thousand miles from home.

The day before we left for Canada, LeRoy had a skin biopsy for a possible bacterial infection that can cause neurological issues. His primary doctor said he was hoping the biopsy would actually be positive because if not, he mentioned his concerns that LeRoy’s symptoms could indicate a rare dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

LeRoy’s legs were burning and feeling numb since mid July, but after we arrived in Prince Edward Island, he started having difficulty walking. It’s like all his earlier symptoms that started two years ago went into hyper drive. He fell in the hotel lobby and couldn’t get back up by himself. Within forty eight hours after our arrival, he couldn’t walk without me assisting him.

It is a strange feeling to watch your husband’s strength wither. This is a man who, until a short time ago, could still be a fierce competitor on the basketball court. And log a tough 15 hour work day on the tractor without a complaint. And now he can’t walk.

Our flight home wasn’t scheduled to leave until Wednesday morning, but the conference organizers were able to get us on an earlier flight home. Rather than flying straight home, our wise family physician recommended for us to try to change our connecting flight and get to the hospital in Dallas that he’d mentioned earlier.

God worked in some incredible ways to get us to the exact medical facility that LeRoy needed in record time. Within two hours of arriving at the Emergency Room, LeRoy was admitted to one of the finest teaching hospitals in the Southwest.

We started that day by flying out of PEI at 4:30 a.m. and twenty four hours later, we were bedding down in our newly acquired hospital room. The next day was a flurry of medical activity. A Neurological team of doctors gathered around the bed in the early morning hours and introduced themselves. LeRoy shared his two year saga once again (he’s probably given it now at least twenty times since we’ve arrived, no joke) and answered their many questions.

Before the day was over, LeRoy had experienced several firsts: a nerve conduction study, needle muscle test, and a three hour MRI. He must’ve given a gallon of blood since we arrived and several vials of spinal fluid from his lumbar puncture. And through all the poking and prodding, we are extremely grateful because the team is vigorously attacking this mystery to find the source of the problem.

The nerve conduction test showed active nerve damage as well as muscle abnormality in his legs. LeRoy’s extensive MRI revealed nerve damage and inflammation running up the length of his spine. We are hopeful that the spinal fluid will reveal what is damaging his nervous system.

One thing they are considering is that he may have a parasite or disease that he could’ve picked up in his many trips to impoverished areas of Africa and Brazil. Also, this is possibly an autonomic manifestation of an autoimmune disease.

The Infectious Disease Team of doctors got involved by the third day. After 18 vials of blood were pulled from LeRoy, they began running tests. It almost feels like a competition between the Neuro team and the ID team. And this is one competition that we’re rooting equally for either side, we’re just praying for a definitive diagnosis.

But this is about far more than LeRoy’s health. We view this as a wide Gospel opportunity!

It has been a delight to watch LeRoy minister to and bless every individual who walks into his room, from the person who cleans the floor, to every nurse, doctor, and visitor. Although he’s in pain, he is kind. He gives visible evidence of the reality of the Christ he serves. I’m honored to be married to this amazing man.

And I’m not ready to say goodbye to him. This strange illness has brought with it some dark thoughts, in fact, back in the spring of 2015 I battled with some intense fears, one of those was the fear of LeRoy being diagnosed with a terminal illness. This was before he started having symptoms. (You can read about how I was processing that in the post: “Finding Safety in the Secret Place.”)

Throughout that summer, I continued to struggle with fear. And LeRoy began to experience strange symptoms. Finally, in the fall of that year, God brought me through and settled my heart as I yielded to this truth:

If I am truly committed to God’s glory—no matter what—then I will fully embrace every affliction He appoints for me.

LeRoy’s pain level is increasing, please pray that God would quickly reveal the source of the nerve damage and would provide him with relief from the pain. I’m asking God to restore his health. We don’t know yet whether he will ever recover his ability to walk, we are trusting the Father to work, knowing whatever He determines is good. But we are asking God to reveal the source of this to prevent any further damage.

This is the passage the Spirit has repeatedly brought to mind from the beginning of this journey:

For He has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear . . .

Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:5-8)

We serve a trustworthy God and are thankful for the history of walking with Him that has allowed us to see Him be faithful throughout our lives. That is a rock of refuge for us right now: the past history of God’s faithfulness that we’ve experienced.

Will you join us in asking God to be glorified throughout all of this? And when you pray, praise Him for His goodness.

Things we are praising God for:

  1. He got us here to this incredible medical facility through His divine intervention!
  2. We’ve had continual opportunities to share Christ and pray with and for medical personnel.
  3. LeRoy still has use of arms, no loss of upper body strength, and his mind hasn’t yet been affected by this.
  4. The medical team is vigorously attacking this mystery to find the source of the problem.
  5. God’s grace and presence has been tangible and provided us with sustaining peace.


  1. We are asking God to use this to work in our lives, in ways that only He knows is needed.
  2. Pray for our grandchildren’s hearts and perspective of God to be protected from the lies of the enemy.
  3. Pray for a diagnosis to be made soon.
  4. Pray for God to use this to deepen our understanding of Him, that we might better serve Him and others.
  5. Pray for us to remain faithful throughout this difficult season.
  6. Ask God to do what will bring Him most glory.
  7. LeRoy requests that you pray for him to have grace to not only endure, but to worship throughout the painful episodes.

Will you pray?

  1. Posted by Rache'l Campbell

    Dearest Kim,
    Thank you so very much for sharing this trial with us! Please know that I am pleading continually before the Throne of Grace for your precious LeRoy! Lifting up praise to our Mighty Lord for all He is doing and will continue to accomplish for His glory through the submissive willing hearts of you both! ❤️🙏

  2. Posted by Donna

    Yes I will be praying for your husband and your family Praying for a quick diagnosis to be made soon. Praying that your husband has grace to endure but, also being in worship throughout it all.

  3. Posted by Mayra

    Dear Kim,
    It has been a little over one year that I heard your testimony in Focus on the family. During that time I was in experiencing a big trial in my life. You have helped me spiritually over time with your blog, thank You!I pray to our Father God that He may give the doctor’s the ability to find LeRoy’s diagnosis. I pray that God comforts you and gives you of His strength Bless you and LeRoy for been faithful to God!!

  4. Posted by Kristy Fuss

    My dear sister in Christ,
    I am praying for you and LeRoy, along with your children and grandchildren. Thank you for sharing with us what is going on and the specific ways you would like us to pray. May the Lord grant you His peace even when you lack understanding. I love you, sister!

  5. Posted by Barb peachey

    Dear Kim , I will definitely be praying for you all ! I am so blessed by your testimony , May Jesus Christ be glorified and his name be lifted up among all those you come in contact with . May he give you peace barb

  6. Posted by Penny (Peni) Kenner

    I feel a special connection to you both and your story has been so much like mine. As my marriage struggles, I look to you two for advice and guidance – you feel like family. I’ve listened to all of your podcasts. My husband is reading his book now. I will definitely be praying for his healing God’s way and for you and your family.

  7. Please consider that your husband may be in extreme deficit of phosphates (and B6 and/or B12) and that blood tests will not reveal these deficits in the same way as a chemical analysis of tissue (like hair) will. Paralysis and neurological inflammation is a commonly understood and accepted in veterinary practice, but humans (who are much more exposed to EMF toxicity of wi-fi and who don’t have the benefit of phosphate supplementation) are not usually suspected for or treated for phosphate deficiency. Our nerves are a network of phospholipids. No phosphorus = nerve inflammation and dysfunction.

    • Posted by Debbie

      Wow interesting information

    • Posted by Rebecca

      The vunerable nature of the testimony of His Story through your marriage has helped me so much to see my issues in our relationship that if the LORD ever provided for a way for us to attend the same church, I would be so honored.

      Came upon your site when applying for work at Walmart. Was looking to see how close your church is to Bentonville. So sorry to hear about this trial. Thankful for perspectives both in and outside the conventional medical experience. Relying on the Great Physician. Praying you will see His Light about phosphorus.

  8. Posted by Sarah Stewman

    Yes – we will pray! God be near you both – strengthen, help and protect. And may he reveal the source of LeRoy’s illness very quickly and provide the solution!

  9. Posted by Terri

    Thank you for sharing your heart. I am in prayer for all aspects of this trial. I am also
    Facing unknown health problems with my Husband and I am trying to hang on and trust God. Your words of encouragement means a Lot to me. I feel like I Am on a roller coaster. But your words have given me peace
    Thank you.
    May God heal LeRoy. May He use this trial To bring Glory
    To Himself and a witness those who Don’t know Him and to Those who are in a trial at this time
    May God continue to Use you to minister to many
    God Bless you and Leroy

  10. Posted by Debbie Albright

    Dear Sweet Kim,

    My husband and I are joining in prayer for you and LeRoy. We are praying for all 7 of your requests. When we don’t know why, we know who does and we trust in Him. He knows and cares deeply for you two. Our prayers are for complete healing for LeRoy and rest and peace to you.

  11. Posted by Nicole Vidal

    praising and praying.

  12. Posted by Karen

    Praying for LeRoy and you, your family, medical team and those providing care for your husband.

  13. Posted by Vicki Bedford

    Thank you for sharing this. Yes, I will pray these specific requests for you and LeRoy. Due to an unexpected cancer diagnosis in my own life a few months ago, my handsome pastor-husband and I have been reminded every day of God’s continued faithfulness. We also can affirm that He can do anything He chooses to do.
    Praying in NW Arkansas.
    (My family went to church for a few years at FBC, Mtburg, with LeRoy’s sweet mama, LeRoy, and his little sister. I was in jr high; LeRoy was younger. — Vicki (Hutchison) Bedford)

  14. Posted by Annette

    Kim and Leroy,
    Presenting all of your requests to our Great God and Physician!!
    I very recently read your Fierce Woman books and what a blessing and encouragement!!
    My husband was critically ill 3 years ago. Is 26:3 was my go to Word!

    Love in Christ!

  15. Posted by N. Lang

    God please heal like ONLY YOU can. We thank you for the medical team and getting them to the hospital as quick as you did. Thank you God for everything that you are doing for them right now. Thank you God that he has upward mobility. Thank you God that he still has his mind. Thank you God that he is willing to praise you. God I come on behalf of my sister Kim and her husband let the doctors find the root of this problem and let the prognosis be good in Jesus name. Amen!

  16. Posted by Jackie

    Yes, sister Kim. I will pray for you and LeRoy. The verse that came to mind is Philippians 1:20

    “I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death.” (NIV)

  17. Posted by Damaris Espinal from Dominican Rep

    Praying for your husband, and know He is always good.

  18. Posted by Ope

    Yes ma’am Kim we will. Praying for you and Leroy that THE LORD will come through as always and HE will yet glorify THE HOUSE OFHISGLORY IN JESUS NAME!

    With lot of love! xx

  19. Posted by Hayley

    Oh friend – my heart is with you and LeRoy. Praying that God will continue to pour out His mercy and grace on you both. We love you both up here at ROH! “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.” He has you in His shadow – the best place to be.

  20. Posted by Rebecca Einwechter

    Oh Kim, my heart overflows with compassion for you and LeRoy! May the Great Healer be with you there! Praying!

  21. So sorry you are journeying in a medical health tunnel, I pray the answers come quickly. I too walked a path that took me to the point of death while the mistrey of what was attacking my body remained hidden. Two years to discover threads that culminated in each way to become my time to learn total trust and faith in Father God, his the time was …i will allow you to go down to the valley of death, but I will raise you up again. The process developed my relationship with Jesus to a point were nothing will remove what was sown into my heart at that time of total depending on others and the grasp to receive and continue to bless others when giving had been my method. Ameaba pathogens (eat away lining of your stomach(bad water re cleaning out putrid water tank), root canal removed (liver quadrants shut down) leaving ostinocrosis, and walking on tapu ground, which blocked medical diagnosis until removed (death curse, required spiritual cleansing)..I don’t believe God ever wants sickness or disease to triumph in our bodies, however I believe he allows the symptoms of a fallen world to plague our bodies for he works all to good for those who trust Him, as testimony of His great power…if our focus remains on Him our hearts and minds have victory no matter the outcome then we triumph eternally. I pray our Father sustain you both, raise you both up to a place untouchable by whatever this world throws at you. I pray victory now in Jesus name, I pray wisdom, discernment and answers are released sovereignly immediatly by the awesome power of the holy spirit… Pour out now over, through, surround these faithful servants…now in Jesus name…thankyou Father you are all we need!!! Amen

  22. Posted by Amy Gelatt

    Praying right now dear friend. May His presence be enough for your souls, bring light to confusions, and direction for all that care for Leroy. Love you much.

  23. Posted by Lou Ann Platt

    Praying and praising God for His sovereignty! May He bring comfort to you and LeRoy as you face this trial together! The Lord is near! May He be glorified!

  24. Hi Kimberly + Leroy,
    We are so sorry about these health concerns…
    We pray God’s healing, favor, and joy over you throughout this process.
    We pray against any health/physical attack that is somehow connected to a spiritual attack from the enemy.

    You both have a unique marriage calling on your lives and marriage … we pray GOD’s BEST over you both.

    With prayers from Colorado Springs,

  25. Oh how I can relate. We had mysterious symptoms misdiagnosis and Last of all a stroke. My husband too has always been strong physically emotionally spiritually and mentally. I have written devo a as always everyday through it all. And I know that God is still God and He loves us. My hubby is recovering and healing and we are grateful to God.

    Praying healing for your precious husband. As my sweetie says “God healed me and I will pray for healing for others”.

  26. Prayers said,…praise given. With God, nothing is impossible. You both are so precious. 🙏

  27. Posted by Jerry Mayfield


  28. Posted by Pauline Butler

    Praying for you and praising the Lord for what He has already done, is doing, and will do. He is an ever present help in trouble, our rock and our refuge. He will uphold you. Have passed along your request to my list of prayer warriors. Sending a hug your way~~

  29. Posted by Jody Gates

    Thank you for sharing! I will be praying!!

  30. Posted by Phil Krause

    Praying for all. We love you.

  31. Posted by Kim Magnus

    Praying! May God grant your requests and bring good to you both and glory to His name! Waiting and watching with you.

  32. Posted by Sharon West

    Oh Kim . . . Jeff & I are so very sorry, and will lay petitions for healing before God’s throne of grace. God is neither surprised by this, or without knowledge of all that’s going on side LeRoy’s body – but I know you both know this SO well – being His humble servants, filled with the Spirit, and having immovable faith. Your testimony thus far is all about God’s love and provision. Praying He quickly reveals the cause of this mysterious illness to LeRoy’s healthcare team, and then works through them with His mighty hand of healing. God bless you both as you remain strong. and shine the light of Christ to all who you encounter. Love you!

    Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord:
    He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God, and I trust Him. For He will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease. He will cover you with His feathers. He will shelter you with His wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Psalm 91:1-4 (NLT)

  33. Posted by Janet

    Sister Kim,. Definitely praying for you and precious Bro. Leroy, you two have touched my family and been such a blessing to so many lives. Prayers for speedy healing so you can jump back in thank you both for being so much like our Lord and for listening to God. He holds you in his hands!! Love you much. Janet Yancey

  34. Posted by Juli (Whitfield) Aaron

    Yes, I will pray Kim. You and I were friends many moons ago in college. I was tickled when a mutual friend connected me with your blog. Praying for all that you’ve requested and that you will know His nearness and love like never before. ❤️

  35. As one who deals with chronic pain and is currently in a bit of a flare, I am praying for you and LeRoy with great empathy. May God be glorified through your and LeRoy’s highest good!

  36. Posted by Susan Rowley

    Dear Kim,
    Praying for you and Leroy, that God would
    Give the Drs wisdom in diagnosing Leroy,
    Thankful for your witness of Christ in such
    Difficult times.
    God is faithful, he cares for you both.
    I pray God would bind this spirit of sickness from
    Leroy’s body and replace it with the Spirit of health
    In Jesus powerful name.
    Love you, Susan Rowley

  37. Posted by Tracy Files

    In January of 2016 I contracted Guillain Barre syndrome. This led to paralysis and 90 days of hospitalization. Just offering this but I am sure the Dr has checked. Confirmation made through spinal fluid exam. Praying

  38. Posted by Karen (Maranda) Wilmath

    As I read this I had so many childhood memories flooding my mind. Growing up down the street from you and your family. How much I absolutely adored your mom and dad. The many times I have heard Leroy share the gospel like no other pastor I have ever encountered. His Wasyer sermon was the one that rocked my world and helped open my eyes to the fact that I needed Jesus as my Savior. Over the years I have often spoke of you and Leroy to my children and when I saw you at the women’s event at my church and I was able to introduce you to my oldest daughter she walked away that day finally able to face to your name. You and Leroy have been a vital part of why is am so deeply passionate about having a true relationship with Jesus. One that forms an individual’s identity as being grounded in Christ. Because of the example you and a couple of other Godly examples I’ve had in my life I have been able to teach my children that the most important relationship to build and nurture is your relationship with Christ. So know that my children and I are praying for to be the great healer s that you and Leroy can continue to show to the world that Jesus is faithful and with us always.

  39. Posted by Julie Berry

    Hello Kim and LeRoy!!! Please know that Mark and I are committed to praying for you both!!! You know the struggles we have endured with Jessica as a baby, now with Chris; as well as various other things we have faced. We have watched God work in ways that WE would never have thought of!!! With that said, we are REJOICING with you both because this is EVIDENCE that God is at work!!! This is a divine appointment!!!! We wait with eager anticipation to hear the testimony on the other side of this valley!!!! Love you both dearly!! We will continue to follow the progress. If there is anything at all we can lend a hand with, please don’t hesitate to ask!!! We would be honored to help!!!! Love and and blessings!

  40. Posted by Bill Carter

    Antioch Baptist Church and I will be praying fervently for our Brother and sister in Christ as well as all others involved in his care.

  41. Posted by Karen

    May the joy of the Lord be your strength and for Leroys too. May your joy come.not from circumstances but that Christ is all you need. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” May you both use the strength you have to continue to proclaim His good name in that many lost souls can be changed to be repentant and turned to Christ. Will pray for the specific list.

  42. Posted by Debbie

    Prayers for discernment and healing.

  43. Posted by Laura Elliott

    Kim and Leroy, praying for you from Minnesota to Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond all that we ask or think…May He be glorified!

  44. Posted by Lynda Butler

    Praying right now for beautiful family. Can’t thank you enough for your ministry. It has blessed us so very much! xo

  45. Posted by Terri

    Praying with and for you. Jehovah Rapha, heal and restore.

    • Posted by Terri

      . . . and use this for Your glory. We ask in Your holy and precious name. Amen

  46. Posted by Diane Negi

    I am praying for you and your husband as you wait on the Lord for answers and healing! May his presence be very sweet to you during this time. He is your refuge and strength; a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1. I hope you have a chance to read at least verses 1-5. May You finds his perfect peace in the midst of this.

  47. Posted by Paula

    Praying for answers, healing and much grace and strength to endure.

  48. Posted by Donna Bisby

    This is an incredible story! I know LeRoy and his family well. I went to school with both LeRoy and Trish, and my father grew up knowing his mother, Irene. We live in the same small town Trish and her parents live in. And also, I deal with nerve damage in my lower legs and feet which was brought on after surgery. I do know the pain he suffers and I pray the doctors will find the source of his nerve damage and that it is reversible! And I pray for you to have strength to handle all the stress that comes with an affliction such as this.

  49. Posted by Daniel Humbert

    Wow, y’all will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers! So sorry to hear this news!

  50. This could be vaccine damage. I’ve heard similar stories. Vaccine ingredients include aluminum, mercury, aborted fetal tissue (MR-15), viruses grown on eggs, monkey tissue, dog tissue, formaldehyde, and even unintentional viruses in addition to the intentional weakened viruses.
    Barbara Loe Fischer is a Christian and is head of the National Vaccine Information Center. Her son was vaccine injured. So that might be a good place to start researching. There are documentaries, books, YouTube videos, articles, Facebook groups and PubMed studies that you can look into as well.

    • Posted by Rebecca

      So thankful the Holy Spirit came to convince us of judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged!!! Praying that if LeRoy’s condition has been as a result of any vacines, he will recover and what needs to be exposed will be exposed.

  51. Or look up “Vaxxed stories” on YouTube. Please go to a functional doctor such as one that does chelation. You’re going to have to go outside the normal AMA doctors for healing in most of these cases.
    They can only do prescriptions and surgeries. They’re not taught about this kind of thing. And they especially are not taught about things like vaccine damage and how to heal it.
    Even if not recently vaccinated this could be a latent virus that was there for years before it got a foothold to be able to spread and cause damage.
    Dr. Shawn Bean is a good place to start, he does long distance consultations. He’s the doctor who helped Katie from the article “Gardasil, the decision we will always regret.”
    Vaccines also damage your natural immune system to make you susceptible to viruses for example when visiting impoverished, unhygienic communities with low access to nutrition and clean water.

  52. Posted by Beth Lowe

    Praying sweet friend! ❤️

  53. Posted by Nancy

    I have been praying for Leroy, you and your family and I will continue to do so.

  54. Kim and Leroy,
    My prayer is for strength and courage as you walk thru this valley. New lives are being won for the kingdom as you fight earthly disease and God’s battle for his people.i pray for extreme wisdom for the medical teams. May God’s love be even more visible to you at this time.

  55. Posted by Lorre

    You might check your home/office for mold. I’ve had mold sickness or CIRS (medical diagnosis) for a number of years with a variety of serious side effects and medical issues. Some of your husbands symptons could be mold impact. Mold causes havoc on our bodies. Research at Medical doctors don’t have training on mold illness but if you suspect any water damage/mold exposure please locate a doctor who is trained at Will be praying for answers for your husband.

  56. Posted by Jennifer Elliff Rogers

    Kim-I am praying for both of you. I can only imagine how scary this is! I know you know that God is in control but that does not change the thoughts that can run through our heads! Praying for peace through the uncertainty, quick answers and relief from the pain.

  57. Posted by Mike Courtney

    Kim, Praying for y’all. I don’t if you will remember me or not, but we were at Criswell College at the same time in the ’80’s. In fact, I just preached at Bolivar Baptist Church in Sanger, TX. a couple of weeks ago. Leroy recommended me to the pastor when we were at Criswell. I’ve been preaching there on a regular basis since. My wife, Debbie & I live in Mesquite, so if there’s anything else we can for y’all while you are in Dallas, let us know. The Lord bless!

  58. Posted by Elba

    Praying for all my dearest Kim. You are in my thoughts.

  59. Posted by Kimberly Wagner

    So grateful for each of you!! We are touched by your kindness and blown away realizing how many of you are praying for us! I’m so sorry that I’m unable to reply to all of your comments, it’s pretty much a continual stream of medical personnel and activity here that prevents me from having enough time to let you know how grateful we are for you all. LeRoy is so encouraged by your comments, sometimes asking me to read them all again. Just knowing you are praying is a source of comfort to him! 💕

  60. Posted by diane ellis

    Praying for you both! May the Lord’s comfort rest upon you!

  61. Posted by Linda and Jerry Suit

    You and Leroy both are very special to us. We are so very sorry you are going through this, but I know Leroy’s kind heart and spirit of giving, sharing and servanthood, no matter what. We will be praying fervently for you and your sweet family. Love you both

  62. Posted by Donna Osterby-Brien

    Dear Kimberly and Le Roy,
    I have no idea how or why I found your blog tonight. I had heard you on Focus… and they mentioned Le Roy’s illness. I have a friend who I kept telling to check out ur blog as she has someone she knows who has similar symptoms. She never told me she had no computer until recently.

    I went on Focus…tonight to make an uneducated stab at finding that program. I DID NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING BUT THE DISCUSSION ABOUT THE ILLNESS AND that UR BLOG would be following the process toward healing. WITHIN MINUTES OF SCROLLING THE OLD PROGRAMS I CLICKED ON UR INTERVIEW, FOUND UR BLOG.

    Of course I am praying for ur situation. But I am overwhelmed with experience just described; glad for the update on LeRoy and stimulation to pray for him. But can’t help believing that there is significance that it will all lead to help for our friends illness. GOD IS THAT AMAZING isn’t He?

    I do understand that a friend who was “healed” from Lou Gehrigs disease found help though Vit B12 injections. There was a post relating to that on your blog Aug 12,2017

    Anyway, thought I would share this, as I think it is interesting. If anything comes of it I will LYK.

    I pray God will continue to work His healing POWER in ur lives. God Bless you.


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