LeRoy Shares Our Story

We came home from the hospital and ten days later, God gave LeRoy the grace to share with our church family some of what God has been teaching him, and to update them on what’s happening medically. I’m posting the link to that podcast below, and if you take the time to listen to his heart, I think you’ll be encouraged.

Walking with his cane, LeRoy made his way to the front of the sanctuary, but not up the stairs of the platform. Our son brought a stool for him and set up a music stand for his Bible. The applause you hear at the beginning of the podcast is an outburst of joy and gratitude from our church family at seeing their pastor again. They’ve been faithfully interceding for us. For many of our body, this is the only pastor they’ve ever known, some have been with us for more than twenty years. We are so grateful for these precious Christ-followers. We are greatly blessed to walk with them.

LeRoy did not want this service to be about himself, and he didn’t want anything to distract from God and His glory, so he struggled with saying anything about what we’re walking through rather than just sharing the Word, but I encouraged him that our body needed to hear from their pastor and know what we’re facing, together, as a church. Although he would never want applause, this was our Dayspring family’s way of extending a hug of appreciation—it was not exalting their pastor, but a celebratory response to seeing the pastor they love and respect and their gratitude to God for bringing him home. We are so grateful for their faithful intercession, and for yours, and can never adequately convey our thanks.

It was amazing to watch the tangible evidence of God’s grace and anointing as LeRoy spoke.

Although LeRoy’s voice is weak, most of the time he spoke, he was spared of the intense pain that he normally experiences almost constantly. The day before this service, and the day after, were some of his worst days of pain—but God gave precious grace for him to be able to convey this message.

If you know someone who is walking through deep trial or a season of affliction right now, I hope you’ll share with them this message as a means of hope and encouragement. No matter the pain, no matter the dark days, our Savior is worthy of all glory, honor, worship, and praise!

Photo Credit: Lindsey Landrum Photography


  • Mary

    Hello Leroy and Kim. So sorry for your suffering and grateful for His Grace 🙂 Having experienced so many things similar, and seen so many in our country suffer similarily, once again I step out and suggest to a stranger, “have you seriously looked into Lyme and other tick borne diseases?” … is a group of medical doctors treating and teaching doctors about these diseases. also,, Pat Smith, another organization that is working with Congress regarding this epidemic and teaches and helps people around the globe.
    Prayerfully, Godspeed to you both

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Mary ~

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful suggestion. I have friends who are plagued by the destructive effects of Lyme disease, as well as other tick borne illnesses. I’m so sorry for your suffering if you’ve been afflicted with that! In the first year of his illness, doctors ran a gamut of tests for tick borne diseases, but none were positive. Then again, in our most recent hospital stay, they ran those tests again. LeRoy’s spinal cord has lesions and inflammation almost the entire length of the spine due to an autoimmune disease (they believe it is NMO) that has destroyed the myelin sheath that protects the nerves.

    We are grateful for your prayers and are hopeful for repair and healing of his body.
    Blessings, friend ~

  • Dave

    Hi – I listened to you and Leroy on the Focus radio broadcast. Very good, powerful, and insightful stuff! I was thinking about him this past week and was searching for more about his story. I came across your blog in that search and learned of his (and your) new and significant challenge. I wrote him a letter last night (electronically). Please contact me and/or provide an email address if it something I can share.

  • Benjamin Noonan

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