The Goodness of God Shines Through

If my posts have left you with the impression that all we’re experiencing is sorrow and suffering, then I’ve painted an inaccurate picture. Yes, for LeRoy, every day is physically painful—filled with long hours of excruciating muscle spasms and shooting nerve pain. But God’s goodness shines through, even in this dark terrain.

God has given many tangible good gifts and joys through this season.

He brought a precious new little granddaughter on LeRoy’s birthday. Although they live a thousand miles away, my daughter brought our little one, six weeks old, to meet us last month. This little babe’s name means: complete, wholly content. What a joy, to spend sweet moments with her in our arms. What a gift to have time in the kitchen with my daughter, cooking, hosting family meals, and laughing. We made memories I hold deep in my heart.

Complete contentment is only possible when we release all we hold dear to the Hands of the One we know we can trust—because He has proven His great love and goodness.

God’s goodness is being poured out on us in an unusual way, one we would’ve never imagined, as we receive messages from you, precious blog readers, from across the globe. We are literally blown away (and preserved) by the prayer army that God has raised up to support us through this season. When I read to LeRoy your comments and commitments to pray, we pause together and pray for you. We cannot tell you how grateful we are for you.

We want you to know that we are tangibly aware that you are providing prayer cover that is surrounding us with grace.

God’s goodness shines through our church body. We aren’t walking through this season alone. Our church family has been significantly impacted by this as well. God is doing a work, not only in us, but in them as well. And He continues to use them to bless us. Although LeRoy isn’t able to actively shepherd the flock right now, members have stepped in to serve. Leaders are leading with gracious humility and self-sacrifice. The church has gone through a “grieving” process of sorts, but are responding with spiritual maturity to this new path we’re walking together.

God is growing all of us together through this journey.

LeRoy has only been able to preach one time since July. He’s sat on a stool and shared a couple of Scripture thoughts with medical updates, but he’s not had the strength to bring an actual message. Recently, God stirred his heart with a message to give to the church. LeRoy knew that by God burning this message in his heart, He would give him the grace to complete that assignment. He graciously provided LeRoy with the strength to deliver that message and I want to share it with you here. More than anything, LeRoy wants people to appreciate and know God’s good heart.

Even in this season of suffering, we are very aware of God’s goodness.

Make no mistake, God is good.

As you look at LeRoy, struggling to walk with his forearm crutches, don’t accuse God.

Don’t assume that LeRoy’s physical affliction is beyond what God has chosen for us. Don’t forget that God is good when He brings an abundance of rain but He’s also good when He chooses to withhold it. Satan struck Job, but only with God’s permission. Never forget that God has purpose in what He allows. And His work is always good.

I hope you’ll take the time to listen to LeRoy sharing the message of God’s goodness by clicking here.  

Precious friends, thank you for your intercession. We are truly most blessed. The goodness of God shines through you!


  • Esther

    May God bless you as you walk faithfully before Him! A great reminder to appreciate God’s blessings as we’re all coming down with a cold.
    We pray for “Mr. LeRoy to feel better” almost every day.

  • Kristy

    Hi Kim, please tell LeRoy we listened to the sermon during our family devotional time this evening. We appreciate him bringing forth the truth of God’s word with such passion. God is good and when we can say that in the midst of difficult times, we are giving testimony that we understand that. Brother LeRoy and Kim, we continue to pray for you both. His grace is sufficient.