Standing at the Red Sea’s Edge

Not exactly the Red Sea, but it feels a lot like it. Disappointing, but not surprising news. We spent much of last week in Dallas for appointments and tests. LeRoy’s MRI showed that there has been virtually no change in the spinal cord lesion, which is why he is still having so much pain.

These days, I’ve been spending time in Psalm 106:

[box]Praise the Lord!
Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
for his steadfast love endures forever!

Who can utter the mighty deeds of the Lord,
or declare all his praise? (vv. 1–2)[/box]

Who can declare His praise? Those who’ve experienced His work in their lives. Those who’ve been rescued by His mercy and grace. How can we help but declare His mighty deeds?

[box]Our fathers, when they were in Egypt, did not consider your wondrous works; they did not remember the abundance of your steadfast love, but rebelled by the sea, at the Red Sea.

Yet he saved them for his name’s sake, that he might make known his mighty power. (vv. 7–8)[/box]

That’s the point of His mighty works—that His power can be seen and known. I’ve been asking myself: “How will I respond to the Red Sea moments, should they come?” When faced with certain death—a vicious army breathing down their necks and a vast body of water as their only escape route—God’s people rebelled.

They forgot His steadfast love.

I don’t want to do that. I pray His steadfast love will stay on my heart and mind continually. That is a sure protection against rebellion.

[box]He rebuked the Red Sea, and it became dry, and he led them through the deep as through a desert. So he saved them from the hand of the foe and redeemed them from the power of the enemy.

And the waters covered their adversaries; not one of them was left.

Then they believed his words; they sang his praise. (vv. 9–12)[/box]

I find it significant, the phrase “Then they believed his words . . .” After the deliverance, then they believed. But hadn’t they just experienced a ton of miracles? What about the rescue from Egypt? What about the protection through the plagues? What about the incredible work of removing them from a life of slavery? Was all of that not enough to ensure their belief and trust in God’s faithfulness?

Will we be faithful to still believe God’s Word when faced with Red Sea moments? Will we remember His steadfast love and faithfulness?

We were hopeful, and praying, that the aggressive steroid treatment would’ve affected or eradicated the final spinal cord lesion. The neurology team is telling us that Remicade infusions would be the best treatment option to deal with this, but it may be difficult for us to get because of our “no insurance” status.

They presented a rosy and hopeful future if LeRoy could receive the infusions, telling us they expect it to bring full recovery, possibly leaving some scar tissue which would probably cause life-long pain, but at a much lower level than he now experiences.

It’s like, we can see the promised land in the distance, but between us and there, lies a vast sea to cross—while the debilitating illness is pressing in—with nowhere to turn but moving into the wide open sea.

We had a meeting with a nice gentleman from the financial aid department for the infusion center to see if we can be approved for LeRoy to receive the Remicaide infusions, otherwise he’ll be put on a less aggressive treatment plan. But we received disappointing news there, too. We will not be able to get infusions from them. Because we don’t have “regular insurance” (we’re part of a Christian health care co-op), they will not accept LeRoy as a patient. The treatment is extremely expensive.

Even if we go directly to the manufacturer of Remicade for assistance in their “free drug program,” we will need to find an infusion center somewhere that will do that. UT Southwestern is not an infusion center that participates in that program.

My persistent appeal for LeRoy to receive Remicade treatment went all the way up through the system until the VP of the infusion center called me. She explained that their “self pay” policy is only applicable to Texas residents and we cannot apply for that. They are working with LeRoy’s PCP (who’s been a faithful friend through this long journey) to find an infusion center in our state that provides the “free drug” program.

The most urgent need now is to get the treatment started because LeRoy’s condition will not improve at all until that happens and the longer his spinal cord is in this compromised condition, the greater danger he’s in, and the less effective the treatment will be.

You know how God’s chosen ones responded after He faithfully delivered them from their Red Sea moment? Psalm 106:13 provides the tragic answer.

It’s instructive to my own heart:

[box]“But they soon forgot his works;
they did not wait for his counsel.”[/box]

My prayer is that we will never forget His great works. We will remember them and talk of them, and no matter what, we will worship Him because He is worthy.

We’re at home now. LeRoy is still experiencing incredible pain. But Christmas music is playing, the fire is crackling, and our time in the Word together is rich. We’re trusting God’s perfect timing and recounting all the ways He has been, and is, faithful. We don’t want to move ahead of His counsel, and for sure we want to remember all He’s done.

We pray we’ll faithfully share with others His good works.

We are so grateful for your prayers, love, and support. Could you pray for LeRoy’s doctor to be able to locate an infusion center that will take us? That he’ll get a spot (soon) on the schedule for the infusion treatment? And if that is not God’s best for him, that we will be faithful to glorify the Father—no matter what. That we will not forget His works or rush past the “waiting” for His counsel.

We know God is faithful and His timing is perfect.

Photo by Anastasia Taioglou on Unsplash


  • Nancy B

    Oh, Kim & Leroy,

    I continue to pray for healing and peace for the two of you, wisdom for the medical team and for God to get the glory for the outcome that He has already determined will bring Him that glory. Now I will ask for a benefactor to stand in the gap for you financially so that Leroy can get the treatment he needs! God bless you both.

  • Rosemary Odermatt

    Dear Kimberly and Leroy,
    If every couple you have blessed donated one counselling fee Leroy would have the full ding he needs. Where do we sign up.

  • Vicki Bedford

    Oh, Kimberly! I’ve been thinking of you andvpraying for you in NW Arkansas. Thank you for the update! If any of this were to open up in NW Arkansas, we might be able help with accommadtions — or something! 479-659-2468

  • N. Lang

    Praying for the infusion center to accept LeRoy, please Lord grant us this. In Jesus powerful, wonderful name. Thank you Kim for your faithfulness during this trial/test. Your response have blessed me so much. Thanks, for reminding us of how faithful God has been in the past to you and LeRoy through this journey and he will continue to be show us His love and faithfulness, because that’s the kinda God He is.

  • Farmer

    I have been praying for you guys for weeks now. My heart hurts to see you guys suffering without any visible means for relief. Maybe God is stripping away all of man’s power before delivering His power to bring His glory. I pray that God will come to your aid quickly.

  • Nancy Catlett

    Praying for you & Leroy. If something comes open in DC or Baltimore, you can stay with us. Praying God’s will. Thank you both for remaining faithful to Him!
    In love & prayers, Nancy Catlett

  • Sandra Diehl

    Praying for you both and for God’s very best to open up for Leroy. I know God is working a good work. I pray the suffering will not go on and on but that His best can come very soon to help you. Love you both,

  • Kristy Fuss

    Kimberly and Leroy, we have not forgotten about you. We continually lift you up to the Lord. We pray that the Lord will provide for your financial needs through the saints. We pray that God will lay His healing hand on that spinal lesion. We pray that you will find rest as you cast your burdens upon our all sufficient Savior. Thank you for updating us and helping to direct our prayers. We love you.

  • Jerry Mayfield

    Kim my heart goes out to you and LeRoy. It seems like only a short time ago we sat in Dr. Cowen’s Greek class together.How the years have flown. There’s nothing I can you that you both don’t already know. But know that I love you both and will be praying God show Himself strong and for LeRoy’s healing.

  • Lori

    Sweet Kim, I too will continue to pray for you both. You both amaze me with your thankfulness and praise to Father. Thank you for the updates.

  • Vivian

    Kim… my heart is heavy for you and LeRoy. Thank you for updating. Praying the Lord will do what only He can: heal LeRoy’s body; and make a way for this treatment of that’s the way He sees fit to do it. Meanwhile that He will continue to sustain you both, to minister to your spirits through His Holy Spirit, the Word, His people. May you sense His loving presence today! Much love and continual prayers!

  • Elba Reyes

    Oh Kim! Praying for God will make the way! Praying for his grace in your lives, and relieve in Le Roy’s body. He is at your side! Love and prayers.

  • Holly

    Kim and Leroy, we are praying with you for God’s solution. Waiting is hard.
    Lifting your arms in prayer and praying for God’s “dry path” to open soon!

  • Amy Gelatt

    Oh Kim, thank you for worshipping even as the storm presses hard. May He who find you able,in the strength He provided, continue to strengthen in you inner selves to hope, trust and rejoice in His unfailing love. May He give you wisdom in decisions, confidence in every steps you take, for Immanuel is here never to leave you or forsake you. Sending love and hugs your way!

  • Lori Merrill

    Kim, I read this the first day it posted. I have been so burdened for you both that I came back to it again this morning. I have prayed about how I can help (besides prayer) and what is the Lord’s will for my involvement. I talked to my husband about us helping. “What do we have to offer or how can we help?” Upon rereading this I realize it isn’t just about needing enough money or is it? If you find a place to do this treatement will you still need money? I want to understand how I can help, how we all can help you. I know there are more people than just me wanting to help. Please contact me or respond about your very specific needs and how people in the body of Christ can meet your needs. Thank you.

  • D Ellyn

    The Holy Spirit brought Me Today
    in a Round About Way
    to See this Need for LeRoy’s Healing.
    I am Praying for the Power of Jesus Blood and
    The Power of HIS Word to bring Total
    Healing in every way to LeRoy’s Body
    Mind Spirit Soul Cells Systems Organs
    A Blood transfusion of Jesus blood into
    His with the Powerful Living Water
    Flowing down from HIS Throne Room into
    LeRoy giving new life, restoration,
    Wholeness and pain-free Life. Praying for
    New Strength for all and Continued
    Wisdom for all medical staff. Favor with all
    and TOTAL Financial Provisions in every
    Way for ALL to Be PAID IN FULL!!
    By Jehoveh Jireh ..
    I pray ask all in Jesus name
    To be done
    By HIM
    In HIM
    With HIM

    D. Ellyn 😊