Moving Into 2018 With Hope

As 2017 came to a close, it slipped into the night quietly for us. LeRoy and I weren’t shooting off any fireworks or blowing horns. We didn’t even quite make it to midnight. Without any late night parties or fanfare, we’re gently releasing this year and opening our arms to the new.

This new year brings hope for answered prayer and demonstrations of God’s tendency to go beyond what we could think or imagine.

The old year closed with a huge gift. Huge is not nearly an adequate word. Incredible gift.
We are so grateful for each of you who’ve been praying for LeRoy’s health. If you read my post about “Standing at the Red Sea’s Edge,” you know we’ve been earnestly asking God to provide a way for LeRoy to receive the treatment his neurology team says he desperately needs. In that post, I told you that:

“The most urgent need now is to get the treatment started because LeRoy’s condition will not improve at all until that happens and the longer his spinal cord is in this compromised condition, the greater danger he’s in, and the less effective the treatment will be.”

Since that post, God has answered in big ways!

First of all, we applied for the Johnson and Johnson “Patient Assistant Program” to receive financial aid for Remicade (and many of you carried that faithfully to the throne of God as an urgent intercession). Right before Christmas, we got word that we were approved! But that was only one hurdle, we still needed to find an infusion center that would take LeRoy as a patient. As the year closed, our PCP contacted us to let us know that he connected with a doctor and infusion center in a city about an hour away—and he will take LeRoy as a patient. I wept, as our doctor shared his good news. This is one of our biggest requests answered, this is huge.

LeRoy has an appointment with that doctor in ten days. We won’t know when the infusions will start until we meet with that doctor, and we don’t know if they’ll be as effective as the doctors say they will, but we’re hopeful. And again, our trust and dependence is not in the medical professionals, but is in our Lord who directs the course of our lives.

As we move into 2018, we’re moving in with hope, with a determination to not lose heart, with an awareness that we are completely reliant on God’s mercy and grace to meet each day’s great needs.

And we’re moving in with a greater appreciation for you.

We want to begin the year by sending each of you an enormous “Thank You!” You’re our army of prayer warriors, our brothers and sisters, comrades in the battle, and our faithful encouragers. We’ve been blown away by your offers of help, your financial gifts, and your steadfast intercession. We can never express how grateful we are for your kindness, encouragement, and continuing intercession. We know you are lifting us to the throne.

And God is answering!

“So when God desired to show more convincingly to the heirs of the promise the unchangeable character of his purpose, he guaranteed it with an oath, so that by two unchangeable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled for refuge might have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope set before us.

We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf . . .”(Hebrews 6:17–20)


  • Kristy

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We are rejoicing with great joy today at this news. We will continue to pray for the Lord to use this or any other means to bring healing to LeRoy.

  • Rebecca Einwechter

    So glad to hear this good news. Happy New Year, and continued prayer for patience, endurance, hope, and healing. Jehovah Rophe

  • Pauline Butler

    O, praise the Lord for He is good. His mercy endures forever. Continuing with you in prayer as we enter this new year.

  • Melinda

    As I read this on this news years day 2018, tears flowed down my face knowing God is one awesome God! I continue to pray that the treatment will be what he needs to live his life to the fullest.
    Praying for the both of you!
    Love, Melinda

  • Julie Berry

    I’ve never stopped praising God for this time in your lives! He has something SO BIG coming!!!! I wait with an eager anticipation to see what that will be! In the times of distress and pain, call to the Lord as I know you do! (living with a chronic illness has driven me to seek Him more and pray more when I am down and can’t physically move. It has come to be some of my loveliest times with Him!) My prayers will not stop for you all!
    In Him!!

  • Julie Berry

    In his time, in his time
    He makes all things beautiful
    In his time

    Lord please show me everyday
    As you’re teaching me your way
    That you do just what you say
    In your time

    In your time, in your time
    You make all things beautiful
    In your time

    Lord my life to you I bring
    May each song I have to sing
    Be to you a lovely thing
    In your time

    Lord please show me everyday
    As you teaching me your way
    That you do just what you say
    In your time

    In your time (in your time), in your time (in your time lord)
    You make all things beautiful
    In your time

  • Vivian

    Hallelujah!! SO thankful for these answered prayers! And I count it a privilege to take you and LeRoy before the throne of grace each day! Next week I will be teaching in our ladies Bible study a lesson I have entitled “Standing Firm Amidst Affliction”. You and LeRoy are my real life example of doing just that! I continue to be so grateful for your lives and for the evidence of God’s amazing grace that you display! Your desire to glorify Him in everything is a constant challenge and encouragement to me! Much love to you and LeRoy!

  • Lucidio Morales

    Carry on moving with hope. Wishing LeRoy gets what He needs. God is answering. Prise thw Lord. A healthy new year to all of us.

  • Gail

    Praise Jesus our King, Savior and LORD! What Happy, blessed, news to read on this quiet morning! What a Faithful God we serve! Hugs hugs and continued prayers! I want to shout for Joy, but everyone is still sleeping!!!! 🙂 Much love sent your way!

  • Alrica - South Africa

    We thank Father God for His faithfulness! May He continue to work until Leroy is completely restored.

  • Gaye goines

    So thankful for a God who hears & answers prayers!! I’m so happy to hear how God is working out every little detail for y’all. To God be the Glory!! Still praying for complete healing!! ❤️

  • Linda and Jerry Suit

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Answered prayers. Continuing to pray for complete healing.

  • Kathy Phillips

    God is Awesome, He Hears and Answers Prayers in His timing! That’s why I will continue to Pray for the Both of you, Love you Both! Love the Dayspring Family Praying for them during this time too!

  • B. Georgia

    Keep holding onto hope and holding onto the Lord! I am so glad you’ve seen His hand at work for you. I know He cares for you both deeply, and am grateful for your strong heart during this time (although I’m sure you don’t feel strong, you are!).