LeRoy’s Update: Four Steps Forward . . .

Four steps forward, then three back. That’s what it feels like our path is right now. I haven’t given an update on LeRoy since last November, when I told you that the main concern now is the nerve damage that the lesions on his spinal cord caused—not so much the actual neurological disease. And then, a few weeks after I posted that, LeRoy’s neurologist let us know that the lesions could return within the year, that there is no way of knowing how this disease will react to the treatment.

We were stunned by that news; no one had told us that before. I think we assumed that when the course of treatment was complete—we’d be back on the road to “normalcy.” Through our research we found, and some of our doctors had said, that this disease can go into remission and never cause an issue again.

And so, I went silent for a bit about his condition. I haven’t even wanted to talk about the doctor’s warning. Especially since, I just keep thinking that’s not what God has in mind for us. But even in typing those words, I want to be careful to say that of course, there will come a final day, a final breath, an ending to life here on earth for LeRoy, for me, for every individual—and I don’t assume to know how or when God will do that. We’ve never demanded healing from God, or assume that we know God’s mind in all of this. But, I keep thinking, and sensing, that the season for the disease to ravage LeRoy’s body has ended. It has left scars, yes. It has left him with a body racked in excruciating pain when muscle spasms hit and he suffers with constant burning in his left thigh. It has left him debilitated from paralysis and nerve damage.

But I believe the season of disease is over.

I’m not a prophet, and don’t claim to be one. I don’t demand things of God. How could I? He has graciously provided the covering for our sin, He has poured out abundant blessings, He is far more wise than I can conceive—so I trust Him. I trust His plans and His providential care. But, as I seek Him through this, I continue to believe the season of disease is over.

LeRoy is taking small steps toward “normalcy.” He’s finally been able to start a low level plan of Physical Therapy that, hopefully, will grow into a more vigorous routine. He’s just in the early stages now, but it’s been encouraging to see him start trying to move again. We have a dear friend from our church who serves as his PT Tech and faithfully takes him through the machines and exercises for thirty minutes, twice a week. Right now, it seems he takes four steps forward, and then three back. But that is progress!

He is moving forward, and for that I’m so grateful.

His slow motion progress of recovery is impeded at times. Last week he started having intense pain in the foot of his leg that is partially paralyzed. The foot started swelling and turned a brilliant scarlet. The doctor determined that it is gout. It is terribly painful. Pain upon pain. New pain added to his old pain. He’s taking a new medicine for the gout attack, but I’ve also added a daily regimen of dried cherries to his diet as a natural remedy (Thank you, Aunt Mary Ann, for that prescription!). 

So, on this update, I want to list reasons that I’m thankful and ask you to rejoice with me:

  • Even with the daily obstacles, the losses, the debility, and intense pain—LeRoy continues to be the same steady man of God I’ve always known, and for that I’m extremely thankful. His mornings still begin in the Word, and our days are filled with precious prayer times together.
  • We are in a much better place than we were a year ago. LeRoy is more active. Although he still needs his “walking sticks” as I call them, he is intentionally moving more—even though he has to pause often when a muscle spasm hits, he is determined to keep moving.
  • His liver enzymes (which were too high to continue his treatment) have come back down—and that is a real praise.
  • As he requires less medication, his mental clarity is returning, and I’m indeed quite grateful for that. He will be completely off all steroids soon, and as that dose has decreased, his weight has decreased. As the weight drops, he’s able to move more easily.
  • Our church family continues to surround us with love and support. LeRoy has only preached a handful of times since July of 2017, but our church has not deserted us. We have an amazing team of leaders, an incredible interim pastor, and a precious church family that faithfully carry us to the throne.
  • We are supported in prayer by a network of dear friends and blog readers from across the globe. That is a huge blessing, and one we are mindful of daily. You matter. Knowing you continue to intercede for LeRoy’s healing is a precious comfort. We thank God for you.
  • Although we face an unknown future, and can’t see what God is doing, we see and experience tangible expressions of His faithfulness—and know that whatever He has for us, it is just what we need, and it is a future filled with opportunities to glorify Him (no matter what form those opportunities take).

And my prayer request from you now is this:

We area currently in an “in-between” state. He’s finished with the Remicade infusions and the doctors want to put him on a daily drug to suppress his immune system (for the rest of his life). I’m asking for your prayers. Although the doctors are recommending this, I’m not sure we should go in that direction.

Would you pray for God to give us wisdom? Would you ask God to clearly direct in the coming weeks and confirm what He has for us? Pray for us to follow His wisdom above all? That’s all we want—His prescription, none other.Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind (James 1:2–6).

In faith, we are asking for, and expecting, God to provide us with His wisdom.

Will you join us?


  • Geneva

    Feather in Jesus Name will you give Kimberly and Leroy Godly wisdom, understanding heart to know what step and direction to go! Also I pray, would you give direction and Godly wisdom to the Doctors! Amen!

  • Vivian

    Thank you for the update dear Kim! Thankful that things are going in the right direction and you are encouraged! Praising God with you! Praying for wisdom as you have asked and for continued daily strength that I know you both need; also for continued encouragement through the Word and the Spirit ! Much love to you & LeRoy!

  • Ronnie W Rogers

    Thank you for this update, Kim.

    At each glimmer of good news, my heart leaps with praise and hope. Yet, my overwhelming grief at the thought of my dear friend suffering so is always tapping on the heals of my praise. Although I am immeasurably grateful for this blog, I wept through it all. Our lives have been so interwoven for now these many years that I cannot think of this phase without racing to and fro reflecting upon other phases in days gone past. I know this has tried you both in every imaginable way, which makes my gratefulness for your continued love for God, his word, and each other all the more.

    I, as I know many others will, will continue to pray daily. May God sustain spiritually, and I being particularly sensitive to the pain, grant diminishing pain and future days of unparalleled ministry through both of you.

    Just some friends, Ronnie & Gina

  • Karen Kuns

    Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony. Leroy and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. The scriptures from James are so meaningful to me.

  • d

    Thank you for the update Kimberly. We shall be praying for these specific requests. May our great God continue to wrap you both around in His strengthening love and grace.

  • Mary Ann Wagner

    Dear Kim & Leroy thanks for the update praying for Gods wisdom praying for you everyday love you and Leroy very much David & Mary Ann Wagner

  • Susan Hall

    Thank you for not only the update, but for sharing from your heart ~ a heart for God. As always, you seem to meet me where I am and ALWAYS lead us back to the Lord and His Word. I have been and will continue to lift LeRoy and you before the Throne of Grace and will, specifically, ask for wisdom.

  • Leonor

    Dear Kimberly and LeRoy, thank you for your testimony of endurance, hope and faithfulness!
    You are always in my prayers!🙏🙏
    I ask for an increase on His presence, power, anointing, and abundant wisdom for the decisions.

    For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke1:37

  • Rob

    Though we have never met probably never will you and Leroy have been an inspiration. We are praying for ongoing strength and wisdom regarding treatment. God bless!

  • Glenda Mclearen

    Kinberly, Prayers as always sweet sister in the Lord. May God grant the prayers sent for you and LeRoy and discernment and peace. A scripture I want to share with you.
    Psalm 5:11-12
    ¶ But let all who take refuge in You rejoice;
    let them ever sing for joy,
    and spread Your protection over them,
    that those who love Your name may exult in You.
    12 For You bless the righteous, O LORD;
    You cover him with favor as with a shield.

  • Donna Doverspike

    Kim and LeRoy
    I am praying that God gives y’all total wisdom in what you should do. I am praying God to clearly direct y’all in the coming weeks and confirm to y’all what you need to do. Praying that you follow His wisdom above all.
    Praying for His prescription, none other.In Jesus name Amen!


  • N. Lang

    Lord Jesus please give them wisdom to make the best decision regarding the medicine. Thank you for the improved body movements. Thank you for their steadfast faith in you. Thank you for providing them what they need. You are a good good Father. Thank you in Jesus name!

  • Vicki Bedford

    Kimberly, I have just come across a Focus on the Family recording (youtube video) with Joni Eareckson Tada (08/28/18)regarding suffering. Job (O.T.) and Paul (N.T.) and Joni are much better sources of wisdom on this subject. I pray for you and LeRoy often. Thank you again for sharing parts of this journey with those of us who want to pray for you.

    You may already have seen/heard this, but FYI:

  • Tom

    So sorry to hear about Leroy. I am a neurologist and would be interested to talk to you more about his condition. My prayers are with you both. Tom