Moments of Grace

This morning I was recording in my journal a note about where we were and what we were doing two years ago today.

We were in Michigan, at the Life Action Ministries Lodge, leading a pastors and wives retreat. LeRoy was in incredible pain, his left leg had started going numb while burning intensely, and the pain kept him awake most of the night. I remember slipping out of bed at 2:00 am (regularly) to find him standing in the adjoining room, rocking back and forth slowly as a means of dealing with the pain, head bowed, eyes closed, silently praying, while in a pain-induced insomnia. 

We could not understand what was happening. For two long years he had gone to several doctors, endured multiple tests and invasive procedures, always to be told that everything looked perfectly normal. The doctors had no clue what was the source of his weird symptoms.

Even while experiencing excruciating pain, he faithfully ministered all week to those men, poured out love and truth, and they never knew at what cost. In our last session with them, we briefly shared that he was having some strange health issues and we asked for prayer. That group quickly gathered around us to offer faith-filled intercession. It was precious. Many of those friends still check on us periodically. 

God has been good to supply grace-moments like that all along this journey. Little did we know then, that a month later his left leg would give way to paralysis and he’d enter the hospital for 3 weeks of tests and treatment. God knew. He has purpose. 

Today, we’re back in Dallas. He’s having another spinal MRI and several other tests. These two days are packed with several appointments with various specialists. We are much in need of wisdom and grace. LeRoy has been experiencing the return of the original symptoms that showed up, at first subtly, almost four years ago. Now those same symptoms are raging.

It is a deep comfort knowing that you all are carrying us in your prayers.

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  • Nancy J Catlett

    I continue to pray for Leroy & you every Wednesday. May God bless you & keep you, shine His face on you, & give you His peace.

    Nancy Catlett