Letting You in on What I’ve Been Working On

It isn’t that I’ve not wanted to share with you what is going on in our lives right now. Or that I’ve not wanted to write (believe me—I miss writing). Or that there is nothing to say, or nothing to ask you to pray about . . . no, I’ve not written because things have been quite hectic since you last heard from me. What little time I’ve had at the computer has been spent preparing for what is coming next (more on that in a few more paragraphs).

Earlier this month, we had an encouraging visit to the Neurology clinic and the kind doctors we see regularly in Dallas. LeRoy had several “good” days while we were there (“good” for him still means a level of constant pain, but not as intense or high as on his bad days), so that was encouraging. But that trip was followed by a really rough week.

And that seems to be how it goes—up and down—I told the neurologist that it seems a constant roller coaster. We’ll get encouraged and think he’s improving and then he hits bottom again and the horrific muscle spasms return with a vengeance. The neurologist said that’s to be expected, but the hope is for the number of good days to start increasing and lasting for longer periods of time.

The doctors are hopeful that the disease is in remission, but they really can’t give us any reassurance.

Next week, LeRoy returns to the pain specialist who will start another series of spinal injections that will hopefully bring additional pain relief. That is a big prayer request. And one significant need is to find a physical therapist that will really work with him. The neurologist said that he needs one who works with Multiple Sclerosis patients (although that is not what LeRoy has, but his nerve damage requires someone familiar with that type of therapy). If you’re praying for us, that is one specific detail you can add to our requests.

Can I share with you one more specific (and much needed) request?

I’m in a strange season of transition—moving from serving as a pastor’s wife (for almost four decades), to a caregiver, and now to the financial provider. It is a most unexpected role for me. I’m exploring how to set up an online service that will allow me to have “live” interaction with those who might be struggling in their marriage, or have other spiritual needs, as a form of income. For almost forty years, I’ve served the body of Christ as a “counselor” but never in a professional context, and certainly not for a fee. All of this is quite uncomfortable to me—to consider receiving financial compensation for helping women who are suffering.

There is a lot involved in getting this set up—including building a new website with an online portal for private communication. There are many details that need to be put in place, and I’ll be sharing more about that as I get closer to opening the door to this new season.

But in closing, I want to spend a few moments just being thankful. I’m thankful that LeRoy’s paralysis didn’t spread this year. I’m thankful that the last MRI looked good. I’m thankful that he’s able to tolerate the pain with minimal medication now. I’m thankful that his heart has never swayed from trust in our good Father, and relying on the truth from His Word. I’m thankful that he is having some good days, and is dreaming about projects and road trips. I’m thankful that he is able to do something he enjoys—drive a vehicle. His right leg is functional, and when he isn’t having a bad day, he loves to just to go for a drive. And that allows him to feel almost “normal” again.

There are so many things we are thankful for . . . and you precious readers are included in our great list of thankfulness. Thank you for your love, your support, and your continued intercession. It is a true gift to us.

Our hope is in God’s unfailing love.

(Oh, and one more thing . . . this beautiful lighthouse pic is provided by the incredible Aileen Challies. Let’s all pretend we’re visiting Nova Scotia together.)