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Introducing Life-Change Consulting

For more than four decades, I’ve had the privilege of being a pastor’s wife and during those years, God has given me the opportunity to disciple, train and walk with women on difficult journeys while watching Him accomplish incredible things.

Over the years, people have asked if I could be available to do this as a professional service, and that’s what I’m announcing today. I’m excited for this new venture.

Life-Change is a confidential service based on the years of experience I’ve gained through ministry in local church and national ministry settings. These personal sessions are held privately online where we can “meet together” to work through issues such as building a healthy marriage, battling addiction issues, dealing with loss, being a caregiver, or learning to resolve relational conflict.

My prayer is that God will use this as a place of soul-healing and restoration.

If this is something that might be helpful for you, please visit the Life-Change Consulting page for further information and contact details.