Kimberly and LeRoy Wagner

Would You Like a Thriving Marriage?

The first time I heard our marriage story publicly broadcast, I was sitting in a parked car with my mom. I’d just turned the ignition key, when the radio station came to life and I heard my voice saying:

On the third night of our honeymoon, I cried myself to sleep. He was asleep before me. He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, and I thought, Oh, wait a minute. This is the third night of our honeymoon. I thought when you got married you’re supposed to talk way into the night and be romantic with each other just all the time . . .

My mom and I listened to the entire program (you can hear it here) and after almost a half hour of listening to my confessions of ugly fierceness being blasted through the radio world, my mom asked me: “Aren’t you embarrassed for people to hear you tell these things?”

Embarrassed? I’d never thought of being embarrassed by talking honestly about my failures as a wife. I’d never considered keeping this part of our lives “secret” because once God did such an incredible transformation, I felt like it was my obligation and joy to share with other couples the story of what God did for us . . . and provide them with hope for what He could do for them.

These days, more than sharing our story, I’m offering to personally walk with you as we spend time together working on your own marriage—where you struggle, what you’re asking God to do, what you’ve dreamed of but may have given up hope to see. Last month, I shared with you about Life-Change Consulting Services. (If you missed that post, you can find out more about Life-Change by clicking here.)

What am I talking about?

Getting together with you online (and hopefully with your husband also) for four marriage sessions. You will be able to share your story with me (or “us” when LeRoy is able to join), and we’ll explore the history of your relationship and your perspective on marriage. You will receive supplemental resources to read and view as you prepare for each session.

Here’s a sampling of what we’ll cover in the four-session Marriage Refresher:
Session 1: Understanding Your Story and Your True Identity
Session 2: Recognizing Relationship Patterns
Session 3: Getting Free of Destructive Relationship Habits
Session 4: Building a New Relationship Dynamic 
Or, you might want to invest in more than four sessions. You may need the 12-session Marriage Intensive:

It’s helpful to walk through the history of your relationship with a good listener who can be objective and watchful to recognize details that might contribute to your marital problems. We’ll explore your relationship patterns, your view of yourself, your view of God, and your view of your spouse. We’ll be reading portions of our books: Fierce Women and Men Who Love Fierce Women between sessions, as well as covering assigned readings from Scripture. This is what we’ll tackle in the Marriage Intensive: 
Session 1: Voicing Your Story 
Session 2: Demolishing Dividing Walls 
Session 3: Getting A Fresh Perspective
Session 4: Gaining Victory Over the Deadly Three  
Session 5: Cultivating the Life-Giving Trio
Session 6: Learning to Appreciate Your Spouse 
Session 7: Releasing Your Prisoner
Session 8: Learning to Enter Your Spouse’s World 
Session 9: Learning How to Communicate  
Session 10: Developing True Intimacy 
Session 11: God’s Purpose for Your Marriage
Session 12: Your Glorious New Beginning and Beyond  

This is a confidential service and sessions are held online through a safe and private portal. If this service is something you believe could be beneficial, I hope you’ll email me by clicking here to receive information about the cost of this service and additional details.

Do you desire to have a thriving marriage? The definition of the word “thrive” is: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances. I’ve developed an acronym to summarize what I hope you’ll experience as we take this journey together.


T: Turning from the Destructive Cycle

H: Healing the Soul Wounds

R: Renewing the Mind

I: Inviting the Spirit to Transform

V: Viewing Life from a True Perspective

E: Embracing the New

My prayer is for struggling marriages to be healed, and recovered, but especially that they will thrive and bring God great glory.

I hope your marriage is thriving and you and your husband are enjoying all that God has for you! But, if you know someone who might need this kind of personal marriage help, I hope you’ll pass this blog post on to them, or share it on social media with your friends.

And, again, thank you so much for your prayers for this new endeavor!

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  • Kristin

    Thank you for teaching me to THRIVE with God! Thank you for the direct correlation that I am now able to see my marriage and myself as a mother thriving❤️ You are so selfless, so giving, and always pointing me to the Lord, where true healing happens. Thank you for showing me Jesus everyday. I am forever grateful for how much you pour into my life (and my family) and the changed person I am today😘😘