Leaving the Shelter for the Surgery Center

We are on Day 29. As I shared with you in the early days of March, a dear friend, who is a retired RN and who served in the medical field for more than four decades, urged me not to leave our home. She stressed how that exposure to this quickly spreading virus could be life-threatening for LeRoy, and how easily I might bring germs back home to him.

And we have sheltered in place now since March 12th.

I’ve washed the groceries that friends or family drop on the porch before bringing them inside. We stay in place. We have no physical contact with anyone, other than an occasional visit from my son who stays at one end of the carport while we have a “long distance” conversation. Or another friend who brings by supplies occasionally and stays well out of range—twenty feet at least. We’ve patiently sheltered.

Until today.

I really wasn’t ready for us to venture out, but it is necessary.

If you’re new to the blog, you may not know that almost five years ago, my husband started having weird physical symptoms and for two years we searched for answers. He had multiple tests, went through a slew of medical specialists, and several MRIs before ending up in a three-week hospital stay. The neurologists determined that he has a rare neurological disease (neruosacrdoisis) that caused significant damage to his spinal cord and left him partially paralyzed. (For more of his story, you can click here).

The first year after that diagnosis, the doctors gave him an aggressive form of treatment, and we believe that the disease may be in remission. But the nerve damage that it left causes continual burning pain and excruciating muscle spasms. He is never out of pain. He has lived in pain for almost three years.

He recently told me that he never could’ve imagined being able to endure this much pain for this amount of time.

But, not only has he endured the pain, he’s never wavered in his faithful trust of His Savior. He’s never shown one hint of anger or resentment. He gets discouraged, he grieves over losses, but he is steadfast in his devotion to Christ.

Last year, he had a series of spinal injections that lowered his base level of pain temporarily. And although it was a short respite, he was grateful even for the small lessening of the intense suffering. In December, his father passed away, and almost each week since then, his pain level has increased by small increments–until it is now almost completely unbearable as horrific muscle spasms hit in multiples with increasing intensity.

More than one doctor has told us they believe his nerve pain has developed into CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome), also known as the “suicide disease” because of the unbearable pain that patients endure and the hopelessness it produces. The doctor who has walked much of this journey with us is recommending a “spinal sympathetic nerve block” series of injections. Today is the first of three. LeRoy has never had this type of injection. There will be three, one each week, for three weeks.

We are going to a surgery center, not a regular hospital, for the procedure, and they are taking extra precautions with screening everyone who enters the building (no family members allowed, only the patient). A friend shipped protective gear for him, all the way from Washington, D. C. and the nurse assured me that they are being very careful with every patient, but it is still concerning. I will wait in the car, and pray, while LeRoy goes in alone. I really don’t like not being able to be with him right up until they take him into surgery—this will be a first, I’ve always been at his bedside through every test or procedure.

I’m not a fan of doing this during the height of a pandemic.

But, my precious husband is in so much pain that he does not want to delay, he wants to do this as soon as possible. He says that the risk of getting the virus is worth it to him if this procedure might lower his pain level even a little bit.

So, I’m coming to you again, as I have for almost three years, and I ask you to please pray for my man. Pray for his protection from being exposed to the virus. And will you ask God to be merciful, that these injections will be effective and bring real relief?

It is a precious comfort and encouragement to us to know how very many of you are praying. Thank you.


  • Barb Peachey

    Praying for a miracle .peace for you and an overwhelming sense of Gods nearness in a way you both can feel . The God who holds the world holds you in Hands

  • Beth Ter Avest

    Praying for Leroy and you as I have for the past 3 years. I will never understand the path that God has called you both to walk, but for all of us who follow you your unwavering faith and trust in our Heavenly Father is nothing less than inspirational. Your witness is a beacon of God’s love for all!

  • Lori Mayo

    Oh my heart just breaks for you both……Praying, praying, praying.
    I know the time will seem so long while he goes in….
    Please know what a TRUE BLESSING yall have been to us and we feel like we know you through all this….
    I have so much more to say and will later, just know that in our home we will be praying . Let us know <3
    Jeremiah 33:3 God knows Kimberly…..even when we knowest not , hugs friend, Lori

  • Bonnie Lang

    Praying diligently for this treatment to work to reduce all pain. God will protect t him and hold you both close. Love you.

  • Amy Gelatt

    In Jesus’ Name we come to you again this morning on behalf of our dear friend and her man. I sometimes wonder the depth of the meaning of what you have been called… “The suffering servant”. Our hearts long for relief, comfort and freedom. Yet, you call some to carry (like a huge sign around their neck) … suffering….. ongoing… with little to no relief… for years. Our words have small comfort, our compassion does not dull the pain, our remembrance of them at best encourage. But, our prayers Lord, are suppose to impact because we are beseeching to the Creator of Heaven and Earth. To the God who heals. To the King of kings. To the scandalous lover of our souls. To our suffering servant.

    Forgive our hearts that are tempted to despair. Have mercy on our faithless mind. Cleanse us of any evil that betrays your holiness. Steady our gaze to the Lamb.

    I thank you that you call LeRoy to share in your suffering. I marvel at the strength you have have given him to endure. I praise you for glorifying yourself even amidst these excruciating pain and uncertain times. I thank you that YOU have used the platform of their pain to testify your worth. I rejoice that you have given unbelievable tenacity to Kim to serve with such grace and always careful to worship you in all things (an example for us all). And the opportunity to witness the gracious answer to the prayers of many friends who uphold them.

    We ask for extra measure of grace today. Glorify yourself in his body and the emotions they share. Encourage him with the comfort only a Suffering Servant understands. Cover them for your Name sake so that YOU will be made much of in their lives. And ask you boldly as we remember you in this Holy Week that if YOU will, heal him completely. And instruct our hearts to praise you in all thing.

    (Love you dear Kim)

  • Sandra Diehl

    Bill and I are praying and my heart sure feels your pain as you have to stay in the car ♥️ I am so sorry. Hugs and prayers

  • Barb Lange

    Praying…Heavenly Father keep LeRoy and Kim in your protective hands throughout this difficult time. Guard their hears from fear and anxiety. Give them a default of rejoicing of what you have done and are doing in their lives! We wait expectantly for what you will do in and through them. In Jesus precious name, AMEN!

  • Rebecca Einwechter

    O dear Kim, praying for you and LeRoy today. May God’s great mercy and strength be your reality today. “ He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Ps. 91:1

  • Nicole

    Praying for your man, you as you sit waiting in the car praying unto the Lord. He is there with you, Leroy and the medical staff. May you and Leroy know his comfort and presence during this difficult time. Even though Leroy and Kim walk through the valley of the shadow of death help them to fear no evil for You God are there with them.

    Tears fill my eyes as I’ve read your post and praying for you sweet Sista.

    What a testimony Leroy hasn’t doubt God even through the pain. You must be a proud wife.

    Praying for a miracle for your man.

    Many blessings from S Korea!

  • Peggy Campbell

    Praying for you and LeRoy as you faithfully walk this hard road. May you experience His peace as you wait for your husband from a distance. Praise God He never leaves us or forsakes us. ❤️🙏

  • Steve Whipple

    Praying for you both! You will never know how grateful I am for your ministry to us at The Lodge nearly 4 years ago now (when you all were just beginning this journey). God used you in our lives then in a powerful way. PRAYING for deliverance and healing!

  • Mike R

    I’m a retired Certified Hand Therapist and occupational therapist that treated many cases of CRPS over my career. My heart aches for you and your husband. I’m praying that the ganglion nerve blocks are successful.

  • Donna Doverspike

    I will be praying for LeRoy and and I am asking God to be merciful, that these injections will be effective and bring real relief. And I will be praying for both of you for God to give you Strength in all this.
    In Jesus name


  • Rose Betty

    I am so sorry for the painful condition your hubby has to endure. As I was reading through I felt convicted pray and trust God for his healing. Remember God is the great physician and creator. Let’s trust God for His power of healing to be released upon your hubby in Jesus mighty name. Believe God to operate and replace any organ that is resisting medication in Jesus name for the glory and honor of His name. Our God is well able. God bless you.

  • Barbara Catroppa

    Dear Father, Thank You for Your loving arms around Leroy and Kim. Please protect, provide and heal all for Your glory. In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen.
    Will continue to pray. In His love.

  • Jody Cutting

    Kimberly- We are praying for you and Leroy during this set of procedures. Praying that God will bring peace to you and relief to Leroy. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you!