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  1. Posted by Joyce Bowden

    Dear Soft Warrior – please have u made a much need DVD series & Study Guide For this incredible heart opening book yet. I need it for myself and other Fierce Women here in my home church (Church at The Springs – Ocala, Fl). Praying for one coming soon. Bless God for u & LeRoy and ur walk with The Lord. Warmest Regards – Grace & Peace – Joyce

    • Posted by Kimberly Wagner

      Hello Joyce ~

      I will pass your comment on to the kind people at Moody Publishers. This is definitely a matter of prayer, but no, at this time there isn’t a companion study for Fierce Women. There is a workbook study with DVD that I recommend. You can check it out here:


      It is written by Nancy DeMoss and Mary Kassian (and I’m in the DVD series with them and a few other friends). I hope you’ll check it out!

      Blessings ~

  2. Posted by Nancy

    Dear Kimberly,
    I so agree and pray with Joyce Bowden that the people at Moody Publishers who make these decisions—after reading through and sensing the Spirit’s anointing upon “Fierce Woman”, will feel excited to extend the outreach of these needed truths to all of us who have been crying out to God for help. Developing DVD’s with you, Kimberly, teaching these very practical insights that God has given you, and through offering many of these precious nuggets in an accompanying study guide [as God would lead you to produce] will greatly enlarge the potential outreach and life-transformation God can accomplish by getting this information from “Fierce Women” into the hands of many more women who would be drawn to a DVD study, with a study guide. Many lives and marriages could be healed. The truths in “Fierce Women” reach not only married women, but all women who want to be strong for the Lord, but want to do things His way, upon seeing the destruction our natural “fierceness” has caused. Thank you, Moody, for considering this. Sincerely, Nancy Jones, from Kentucky

    • Posted by Kimberly Wagner

      Hello Nancy,

      Thank you so much for your encouragement. I will pass your comment on to Moody and trust that God will lead. I am grateful for what He is doing and hope you will join me in praying for women who are reading the book. The church is in such a broken state and the lost world needs to see the gospel on display in our marriages!

      Thank you for taking the time to write out such an affirming word today. I hope you’ll stay connected here.

      Blessings, friend ~

  3. Posted by Jordan

    Your Fierce Woman book has helped me so so much! I have been married only 18 months and feel so blessed to have found this book. Sometimes I feel like the stories and things you wrote about are me exactly. My marriage has been blessed and my husband has noticed lots of good changes in me and how I treat him! Thank you 🙂

    • Posted by Kimberly Wagner

      Hello, Jordan ~

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and letting me know how God used the book in your life! I’m thankful you are applying the principles to your marriage in the early years. May your marriage continue to grow and mature into a beautiful love and unity that is a platform for the gospel!

      I hope you’ll stay connected here on the website. You can subscribe to receive daily blog posts (Mon through Fri) by putting your emails address in the subscribe gadget in the upper left hand column.

      Blessings, friend ~

  4. Posted by Linda nguyen

    Hi Kimberly,

    I was listening to your talk with Dr. Gary Chapman about Firece Women. I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to how I’ve been towards my boyfriend. I know we weren’t exactly married but we have been together for 8.5 years. I have asked for forgiveness and I don’t know if will forgive me. I know it took you two years get over this darkness. I know he is unappreciated, not accepted and not allowed to be himself. It’s not that it wasn’t, I just didn’t know how to communicate my love for him because he’s the quiet one. We just broke up in April 2016 and now he has moved on to someone new. Do u think my hopes are gone or can I still have a fighting chance to fix our “marriage”.

    • Posted by Kimberly Wagner

      Hello, Linda ~

      I’m so glad you reached out to me, and glad you heard our interview. Breaking up after 8.5 years is hard, I imagine you’ve found it difficult to process and it is good that you are reflecting on what may have been contributing factors. First of all, although it is a very common practice for couples to live together without being married, that is one thing that probably contributed to your relationship problems.

      For a relationship to truly thrive and grow, it must be based on truth and self-sacrificing love. Committing yourself to more than being roommates, but making a covenant before God to be committed to one another in marriage is a sacred and biblical foundation for marriage. Scripture gives us the definition for love:

      “By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.” (1 John 3:16)

      True love places the needs of the other person before yourself. In the case of a man, he is called to love, cherish, respect, and protect the woman (his wife) as Christ does the church (Ephesians 5:25–33).

      You may have not communicated appreciation to your boyfriend in the way that he felt accepted or loved, but he was not demonstrating love to you by living with you without making a marriage commitment to you. I encourage you to consider God’s plan for your life, and His plan for marriage as described in Scripture. I hope you’ll read through several of the posts that are on the site, and let me know if you have any questions about what you are reading.

      Thank you for reaching out, be encouraged, the Lord cares for you and He has good things planned for you!

      God bless you ~

  5. Posted by Beverly

    Do you and your husband to speaking events together ? I was just wondering if that is an option ? I would love to hold a married couples or also engaged couples dinner with the two of you for the speakers . Thank you in advance for your time .

    • Posted by Kimberly Wagner

      Hello, Beverly,

      Yes, we do. We love doing marriage retreats and weekend conferences, or just one day events. We aren’t able to accept every invitation we receive, but we do pray over the request and seek the Lord’s guidance before answering. Because my husband is a pastor, we limit the number of speaking engagements that we accept, but will be glad to see if your event will fit within our schedule.

      We have a “Speaker Request Form” that you can fill out (under the “Connect” Tab, or you can send an email request with more information about your event to: kimberly.wagner.online@gmail.com

      Thank you for considering us, look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Posted by Kim

    I recently heard the Focus on the Family broadcast that you and your husband did. I was overcome by how much your story reflected ours. My fierceness overpowered my husband in so many ways…our 25 year marriage tittered on the brink for such a long time, yet God in His mercy began changing me from the inside out and now my husband is joining me in a journey of transformation and our marriage is reaping the benefits at so many levels. I look forward to reading both your books…and continuing towards a marriage that truly glorifies God. Thank you for sharing your hearts and story! blessings!
    PS I would love to know if/when you are ever speaking in my area of Central Kentucky.

  7. Posted by Edna Miller

    Thank you for your being on Focus on the Family.

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