• The Most Frightening Three Words

    For those of us who long to come alongside the sufferer to provide help, it is important to be mindful that they are weary of answering the question of how they are feeling. They need the opportunity to voice their pain—but in voicing that pain, they fear that it may trigger more pain. They fear that in sharing, it will be more than the listener is ready to receive, or more than they have the emotional capacity to share.

  • An Open Letter to My Love

    You were not at all what I was expecting when I slipped into the chapel for the noonday service at our small university. I’d heard about you, was even in a class with you (although I’d not yet noticed you). But I’d never had a conversation with you. The place was packed, and when you went to the platform, I thought you were just there to give an introduction to the “real” speaker for the hour. But, was I ever wrong about that. You were definitely the preacher for the hour. You gave one of the most powerful and Spirit-anointed messages I had ever heard. You preached from Jude’s final four verses.…

  • Kimberly and LeRoy Wagner

    Would You Like a Thriving Marriage?

    On the third night of our honeymoon, I cried myself to sleep. He was asleep before me. He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, and I thought, Oh, wait a minute. This is the third night of our honeymoon. I thought when you got married you’re supposed to talk way into the night and be romantic with each other just all the time . . .