• When the Doctors Have No Answers

    “We just don't know.” That's not the words you want to hear coming from your care team (who operates under the direction of one of the world's most respected neurologists). The words hit hard. When my husband and I make our regular trip to his doctors at UT Southwestern, we always go hoping for answers, looking for a solution, praying for an encouraging prognosis.

  • Embracing Joy in the Pain

    It seems a very long time ago that LeRoy and I sat down with Jim Daly and John Fuller for the first time to share our story at Focus on the Family. Things look much different today than they did then. But, just as God reached down to meet with us in our pain during that season, He is meeting with us today in the pain of this season. And there is much joy in abiding in His abundant presence.

  • Praying Big

    I’m asking big for my husband. I’m asking that God would display His merciful character and bring healing and relief from the pain. I’m asking for God’s will to be done, and for Him to prepare our hearts to receive what He has for us. And I’m asking with an open hand. Will you join me?