• Battling the Post-Holiday Blues

    We were only a few days into 2020, when a dear friend and I shared an honest conversation about the melancholy that followed the new year. We were both battling the “post-holiday blues.” We both had plenty we could list as reasons to be thankful, even happy—but we were both fighting for joy, and kicking against the darkness that was crowding out any thanksgiving mindset. Have you struggled a bit since we started this new decade? Have you already felt the blow of shame for not doing enough? Not keeping those resolutions? Not exercising enough? Reading enough? Working hard enough? Just not being . . . enough? Are you a bit disappointed…

  • You’re Invited to the first Thrive Retreat!

    Picture a cozy setting—a peaceful river flows outside, you’ve settled into a comfortable armchair with your Bible, the room is filled with less than a dozen women who are ready to dig into the Word together. You’ve come to breathe in grace and receive personal encouragement. You want to be revived. You want to grow spiritually. You long to learn how to thrive in the midst of hard days. That’s what the Thrive Retreat is all about.