• When the Doctors Have No Answers

    “We just don't know.” That's not the words you want to hear coming from your care team (who operates under the direction of one of the world's most respected neurologists). The words hit hard. When my husband and I make our regular trip to his doctors at UT Southwestern, we always go hoping for answers, looking for a solution, praying for an encouraging prognosis.

  • Kimberly and LeRoy Wagner

    Riding the Roller Coaster of Illness

    I’ve never liked roller coasters. Ever. I just don’t get the point. Zooming through open air, way beyond heights that are safe, and then dropping so fast that you prepare to throw up. Not to mention slinging around corkscrew turns so hard that it triggers muscle spasms in your neck. And why in the world would any sane person enjoy risking flying off a track that probably hasn’t actually been inspected by someone truly concerned about safety? Really.

  • The Truth That’s Hard to Swallow

    Facebook is an interesting community where we’re assaulted with all kinds of opinions, arguments, and uncomfortable gossip (that’s why I don’t spend much time there, you’ll find me more often on Instagram). But when I do drop in to post occasional updates or links to blog posts, invariably I’ll get a few responses that are well intended, I assume, but nonetheless, they are comments that are untrue. As I’ve posted updates on LeRoy’s destructive illness and paralysis, I’ve received these kinds of comments: “Your husband doesn’t deserve this!” “God didn’t do this to him, this is the work of the devil!” “God doesn’t bring illness . . .”