• A Bittersweet Christmas Gift

    Sitting in the recreation room of The Caring Center, I scanned the faces of the residents who were waiting for the kindergarten caroling event to begin— until I caught sight of a familiar set of eyes. “Miss Geneva” looked much older than the last time we visited. She was already an old saint when I first met her, and I was a young pastor’s wife.

  • My Christmas Card to You

    From our family to yours, may you have a most blessed Christmas Day! May your day be filled with joy and worship! If you are going to be with a houseful, I pray that you will have many opportunities to shine the light of Christ as you love on your loved ones! If you are lonely today, perhaps in a crowd but feeling isolated, I pray you will turn your heart upward and outward and find sweet communion with the One who cares for you as no other. If this day marks a season of great loss and pain for your family, I’m pausing to pray for you now. As I write…

  • What Are Those Angels Doing This Christmas?

    Weaving my way through the mass of mall shoppers, past the long line waiting for Santa’s knee, avoiding the tempting smell of far too expensive coffee, I heard familiar carols blasting overhead: “Angels we have heard on high . . .” And I wondered about those supernatural beings—those powerful creatures that came to announce the Savior’s birth; that pronounced the most incredible good news ever heard by human ears! Remember them from Luke chapter 2? What are those angels doing this Christmas?