• A Reverent Woman Walks in the Fear of God

    Even uttering the words “the fear of the Lord” brings a negative reaction rather than being appealing. The fear of God, though, is actually a protection, something to be cultivated and practiced which leads to spiritual health and maturity. When we talk about “the fear of God” I think it’s necessary to define what we mean by that. The Protestant Reformer, Martin Luther distinguished between what he called a servile fear and a filial fear.

  • Living in Sacred Realities

    Adorned (week 4) In a conversation with a couple of teens several years ago, I used the word “sacred” in talking about the marriage relationship, as a sacred covenant before God, and they looked shocked. They seemed startled by the idea, then one said, “Sacred—what a cool word. But I never would’ve thought to put that word together with marriage.” The idea that there are “sacred realities” is not just a mystical romantic notion. To live as a “reverent” woman is to live in the awareness of the sacred and adjust your life accordingly.

  • Growing Old and Learning Together

    Adorned (week 3) Lindsey was eighteen when I first met her. I listened as she spoke about her grandmother and other elderly women from her church that she loved to be around. Her admiration for women in a much different season of life was surprising and refreshing. Today, in America, that kind of appreciation for the older generation is uncommon . . . Old age falls into a negative category in the American culture.