• How a Reverent Woman Guards Her Conversations

    It was the neighbor ladies’ typical gab session, and it must’ve been getting pretty juicy because my grandmother shooed me out of the house promptly when she noticed my wide eyed interest in what they were saying. It made quite an impression on me. I remember her distinctly saying, “You’re too young to be listening to this!” and she pushed me out the door into the hot summer sun on the front porch.

  • A Reverent Woman is Not a Slanderer

    We’ve all experienced the damage that slander can bring. Probably everyone reading this post has been impacted, in some measure, due to slander. It may not even be that we’ve been personally slandered—perhaps our parents, our husband, our pastor even, has been the target for slander . . . and that has resulted in a course change for our lives. We’re continuing in our study of Titus 2:3 and have reached a word of instruction that every woman needs to hear loud and clear:

  • Tapping Into Anger

    Have you ever noticed how once you state something it seems to become more concrete? For instance, when you say, “That makes me so mad!” the minute those words leave your tongue you can feel your anger level rise a notch or two on the “anger meter.” Sin is birthed in the heart (James 1:14–15), but a destructive floodgate is opened once the mouth lets loose to pour out the heart’s sinful attitudes. A tragic example of this occurred in the early 1940s when Mao Tse-tung used the powerful technique of “speaking bitterness” to stir his political revolution. Townswomen were encouraged to discuss past violations and offenses in order to enflame emotions…