• Is There Any Hope for the Weary Woman?

    As I’ve been teaching the book of James to a small group of women on Sunday afternoons, they’ve asked some good questions, and I thought you might like to “get in on” the discussion. I’m so grateful for the women who are digging into the Word with me. These questions surfaced from our focus on James 1:1–12 if you want to read that first for some context.

  • The Peace that Rescues a Fear-Filled Heart

    In the first few days after we came home from the three-week hospital stay, I’d be standing in the kitchen (something I do a LOT of these days), either at the stove cooking or at the sink washing away the remains of another meal, and I’d subconsciously feel LeRoy coming up behind me. At least that’s what it seemed like, that I heard, or maybe just “felt” him moving up behind me to give me a hug, or put his hand around my waist, like he’s done a million times. It was just a natural movement in the rhythm of our lives. But then, I’d realize no one was there. I only…

  • Trail Markers for the Frightening Wilderness

    When LeRoy and I were hiking a few years ago, we started out on a clearly marked mountain trail. But the further we went, the fewer the trail markers! Gradually we were wandering through rough terrain and completely off track. After several hours of trudging through the wilderness, searching for signs of our original trail and coming up with nothing, we finally admitted we were lost. As the sun was starting to set, we found a barbed wire fence at the edge of the woods and crossed it, wandered onto a dirt road, and flagged down a lone pick-up truck to hitch a ride back to our car—more than twenty miles away!