• Embracing Joy in the Pain

    It seems a very long time ago that LeRoy and I sat down with Jim Daly and John Fuller for the first time to share our story at Focus on the Family. Things look much different today than they did then. But, just as God reached down to meet with us in our pain during that season, He is meeting with us today in the pain of this season. And there is much joy in abiding in His abundant presence.

  • How to Pray for Your Man

    I remember the days when I would pray “God, get ‘im! Prayers,” you know, prayers from a heart of offense and self-pity: “Do you see how he’s treating me? Convict him . . . show him his hard heart . . . make him miserable!” (“Get ‘im” prayers). Today my conversations with the Lord about my husband sound a lot different. If we’re willing to practice empathy, we can pray with greater understanding of our husband’s daily challenges and spiritual needs. If we pray for them in light of the grace we’ve been shown, prayers will take on a less self-centered tone and turn to humble and loving intercession.

  • Connecting With the Transcendent God

    Have you grown hard? Cold? Are you unresponsive to God? Last week, I shared with you some thoughts on “honest praying” and I included a quote from my old Puritan devotional. I’ve got another one for you today. I like the fact that the Puritans didn’t hide the fact that they needed their heart to be softened, melding into His heart. “Oh God of the open ear . . . Give me a heart frameable to thy will; so I might live in prayer, and honour thee . . . Let me know that the work of prayer is to bring my will to thine, and that without this it is folly…