• Experiencing Joy in Sorrow

    Joy has a special spot in my bedroom. She sits on the small love seat, looking completely out of her element as the lone “toy” in the room. But I proudly display her because she’s special to me. I doubt I would’ve ever purchased her myself, but a couple of my precious girls (both friends in their teens—one is my niece) brought her back for me from a trip they took to Chicago. They say that I remind them of Joy. Joy sits there and reminds me of them.

  • First Infusion Update and More

    Maybe secretly, you know deep, deep down inside, I was hoping for LeRoy to wake up the morning after his infusion and be pain-free. Of course, I’m always hoping for that, but getting this high-powered drug flowing through his veins might’ve raised my hope-level a bit more than usual. But reality came crashing in within hours of the infusion.

  • The Patience of Noah

    The word is translated “long suffering” in some versions. Patience, it’s something we joke about. Something everyone says they need more of. Something that you’ll hear people warn you, “Don’t pray for patience or you’ll get plenty of opportunities for using it!” We often hear of “the patience of Job,” but have you ever thought about the patience of Noah?