• Was the Cross Really Necessary?

    Two weary-hearted friends trudged slowly home. Days before, they were anticipating the Passover festival and wondering what they would witness as they followed the young rabbi to Jerusalem. Would His friend Lazarus of Bethany attend the festivities, the one He brought back to life from the dead?

  • The Truth That’s Hard to Swallow

    Facebook is an interesting community where we’re assaulted with all kinds of opinions, arguments, and uncomfortable gossip (that’s why I don’t spend much time there, you’ll find me more often on Instagram). But when I do drop in to post occasional updates or links to blog posts, invariably I’ll get a few responses that are well intended, I assume, but nonetheless, they are comments that are untrue. As I’ve posted updates on LeRoy’s destructive illness and paralysis, I’ve received these kinds of comments: “Your husband doesn’t deserve this!” “God didn’t do this to him, this is the work of the devil!” “God doesn’t bring illness . . .”

  • The Slow Wait

    These walls held raucous laughter only a few hours ago, but now as everything is quiet, and I pick up the remains of delightful mayhem, the tears begin to slide. My daughter’s family has started their long trek home, all four little ones tucked safely inside their extremely packed vehicle. All the other family and friends have gone home. It’s just me and LeRoy again and the house feels too silent. As I pick up discarded Christmas bags and boxes, strip sheets from beds and roll up sleeping bags, I recount the many conversations, the Christmas cookies decorated, the bedtime stories read, and silly songs shared. I treasure the sweet memories made…