• 2018 Reflections and Lessons

    The year of our Lord, twenty-eighteen, began on a Monday. And that made the new year seem right on schedule. A new week, new month, new year, and a fresh start should always begin on a Monday, don’t you think? So, 2019 feels a little off to me. In fact, I’m a little behind on all of it (which explains why you didn’t receive this post earlier).

  • It’s the Damage Done, Not the Disease

    The rare neurological disease that destroyed a good portion of my husband’s spinal cord, leaving him with significant paralysis, seems to have abated . . . as far as we can tell. He hasn’t had another recurrence, thankfully it hasn’t moved to his brain or other vital organs, and the lesions on his spine have almost completely disappeared. So, my prayer now is that the damage it has left behind will begin to heal. It’s the damage causing the pain, not the disease. You all have been a faithful band of prayer warriors. Many of you have sent links to websites and recommended various forms of natural treatment and given your medical…

  • Digging Through the Promise Box: The Third Grace

    It was just a cheap little plastic box, maybe you’ve seen one like it or have one, filled with business-card-sized Scripture cards. Each card held a “promise” from Scripture. I vividly remember, as a young girl, climbing up on my mom’s bed and taking the box from her bedside table into my lap so that I could pull out one card at a time and read those promises. The difference between Scripture’s promises and any other “promise” is the source of the promise. The unfailing God delivers what He promises.