• Why I Love Living in Providence: The Second Grace

    “Can you pray . . . ?” Almost daily, that question flows between my dear friend and me. God providentially knit our hearts together through a series of circumstances that He obviously arranged. I’m in a different season of life, quite a few years ahead of her, but we have more important things in common than age: our love for Christ, our commitment to His Word, and our care for our husbands who both suffer with debilitating nerve pain.

  • Whispering This Constantly – the First “Grace”

    “It makes no sense” is one of the most frequent statements I hear when people ask about how LeRoy is doing and if there is any improvement in his condition. No, we’ve seen no improvement. Yes, he still suffers with excruciating pain from nerve damage and muscle spasms. Yes, he still needs a great deal of assistance; he’s partially paralyzed due to spinal cord damage. His vision is blurry when he tries to read, his voice and body are weak, and his day revolves around medicine doses and difficult trips from his reclining chair to the bathroom. His life has taken a drastic turn.

  • Four Graces That Have Carried Me

    The sweet smell of pine surrounds me all the way down the lane to the mailbox. The fresh scent is heavier than usual. We had an early morning shower that cooled things down a bit and the clouds are just now giving way to a beaming sun that is baking the pine-needle-carpet, running along both sides of the lane, into an even darker golden brown. I stop to take a deep breath and to worship the Father who is kind enough to provide this moment—this quiet bit of respite and beauty.