• Did I Mention that He Likes to Drive?

    We heard the word “crazy” a few times and “Why?” was asked more than once. Yeah, we can be a bit unconventional at times. We do things differently. Like this week, we took off for a cross-country trek in the dead of winter. Have I mentioned that LeRoy enjoys driving?

  • Sending Love to Those Who Are Alone Today

    If you’re reading this post on Thursday, November 24, 2016, I’m wondering whether you’re all alone. Today is an important holiday in the U.S. A pretty important one, in fact—it’s my favorite holiday. And most will be too busy to jump online and read a blog . . . unless you’re spending the holiday solo. If that’s you—welcome, friend. I’m praying for you.

  • Thanksgiving: The Pathway to Joy

    Have you finished with the grocery shopping? Have your recipes ready? Are you hosting a large crowd tomorrow? Or maybe you’re one who is struggling with this whole Thanksgiving season and you’re a long ways from wanting to give thanks. Perhaps this day signifies a painful moment of loss, or maybe your house is empty now and your days are spent in loneliness. Maybe this season brings a fresh reminder of an empty spot at your table. Are you isolated from family and friends and dreading the holiday season? Do you want to know the pathway to joy?