• Digging Through the Promise Box: The Third Grace

    It was just a cheap little plastic box, maybe you’ve seen one like it or have one, filled with business-card-sized Scripture cards. Each card held a “promise” from Scripture. I vividly remember, as a young girl, climbing up on my mom’s bed and taking the box from her bedside table into my lap so that I could pull out one card at a time and read those promises. The difference between Scripture’s promises and any other “promise” is the source of the promise. The unfailing God delivers what He promises.

  • The Watchers in the Room

    He slowly guides the walker, feet shuffling behind--or is the walker guiding him? He moves so slowly it is hard to tell, they seem joined as one. His head is bowed without a trace of smile or joy. A face that once held youth, but now bears only wrinkles and pain. As I watch him I wonder. What occupies his thoughts, his heart?

  • Death Isn’t God’s Way

    Her racking sobs reminded me of the pain I felt when I knew my father would never recover. She, her mom, and siblings, are facing some tough decisions as they watch her elderly father struggling to breathe, tied to life by a ventilator, maintaining nourishment through feeding tubes and saline solutions, drugged through a constant drip of the IV. Death seems to be stalking him, but we are praying for mercy and I’m asking God to prepare the family for what He has for them. Why is death so hard? We know it is coming. It’s the common reality for us all. But when it invades our ranks, death always shocks us.…