• A Bittersweet Christmas Gift

    Sitting in the recreation room of The Caring Center, I scanned the faces of the residents who were waiting for the kindergarten caroling event to begin— until I caught sight of a familiar set of eyes. “Miss Geneva” looked much older than the last time we visited. She was already an old saint when I first met her, and I was a young pastor’s wife.

  • Join Me on a Ride to Malvern

    It was a top-secret mission. Even though I didn’t have a clue what it was all about, I jumped at any chance to go somewhere with just my dad and me. Since my little brother was still in his crib, I must have been only five. Mom was starting dinner while having a whispered discussion with my dad. Then, he threw out an invitation to me: “I've got to make a little trip to Malvern, Gertrude, want to come with me?”

  • When One Thing Leads to Another

    It all started because of my love and concern for my man. It was only the first week in March and I knew something had to be done. Love for my man, and the desire to protect him from a serious threat led me on an adventure I never would’ve chosen. (You’ll need a little background for this story to make sense. Well, even with the background info, this story will probably sound a bit crazy.) We live in the South. And in the South, we have a treacherous enemy every spring, summer, lasting even into the fall. They can be relentless, only hiding out for a few months during the coldest…