• The Biggest Challenges of Long-Term Illness

    Someone asked me the other day to summarize some of the challenges of this past year. It’s hard to put that in a blog post. It’s hard to even verbalize, and just the task of writing those things down feels a little daunting, but if I can, I think it might be helpful for others who are walking a similar road to know they are not alone in their painful journey.

  • How’s Your Home Life?

    Do you like learning new words? Let me throw one out you may not hear too often—Domesticity. A general definition of domesticity is “a devotion to home life.” Perhaps “domesticity” sounds to you like a dreary home economics term from the ‘50s. Sorry, that perspective is entirely too narrow. Domesticity includes activities like:

  • My Home-Sweet-Home is Out of Control!

    It started in the fall of 2011 (Yes, I know that was almost six years ago!) when I was overwhelmed by writing Fierce Women. I started letting things go . . . small stuff at first. I left stacks of books (that I was using for quotes or as reference material) lined along my study wall, thinking I might need to refer to them again, but I failed to put them all away. It seemed like a small thing at the time, “I’m the only one who spends any time in my study, and I’ll get to that project later” is how I justified the mess.