• Preparing for 2020 Today

    You don’t have to adopt a “spiritual focus” for the year in order to pursue God or cultivate a more intimate relationship with Him, but I’ve found that it helps to have a map that guides you toward a worthy goal. The yearly Scripture passage becomes my map and provides me with a course for the year. Setting the heart toward a certain destination will produce greater results than wandering aimlessly.

  • How to Experience Living Hope

    When hope is snuffed out, even a Christian can lose the will to keep going. We’ve shared with you how we lost all hope in our marriage—and that led to a miserable existence. When there is no hope for change, no light that you can see at the end of the tunnel, the temptation is to shut off your heart and just exist in misery . . . or some choose to check out of life altogether, literally. We are now experiencing a season (a new life, really) that is much graver than the days when we struggled in our marriage. This challenge is even more sobering, as we face the daily…

  • Moving Into 2019 With Living Hope

    Back in 2015, shortly after Moody Publishers asked us to write Men Who Love Fierce Women, my husband, LeRoy, began having some odd physical issues. We spent two years on the medical merry-go-round of doctors, clinics, and tests, but we had no answers. Finally, in the summer of 2017, doctors diagnosed him with a rare neurological disease that destroyed portions of his spinal cord and left him partially paralyzed.