• Was the Cross Really Necessary?

    Two weary-hearted friends trudged slowly home. Days before, they were anticipating the Passover festival and wondering what they would witness as they followed the young rabbi to Jerusalem. Would His friend Lazarus of Bethany attend the festivities, the one He brought back to life from the dead?

  • The Wonder of God’s Surprising Choices

    When you read through the Christmas story, there are a lot of curious details included. It’s so like God to do things in such surprising ways: Choosing a virgin to carry His Son and a lowly carpenter to raise Him, sending His Son in the most vulnerable form, announcing the birth to lowly shepherds instead of the whole world. Why does He do such unexpected things?

  • Why Did God Come As a Baby?

    Today, let’s grapple with the idea of eternal God coming as a baby. Why did Jesus need to come as an infant rather than fully grown? Why did He need to come in flesh, couldn’t an angel take on the job of redeeming us? Why did Jesus have to come as a God-Man?