• He is No Domesticated Deity

    A few weeks ago, I ran into a man that I haven’t seen in several years. He claims to be a believer, but he also claims to be mad at God. He loves LeRoy, and several times he expressed to me how it just doesn’t make sense what has happened to him. Then he moved on to talk about the horrific tragedies of life: children being killed by drunk drivers, children dying of cancer . . . all those kinds of things that make no sense to us. “Why would God do that?” he was asking.

  • Finding Joy in Desperate Days

    My eyes were still closed, but in this morning’s pre-dawn hours, as wakefulness was nudging me, I started lifting thanks. I’m thankful that God is giving me the grace to want to get out of bed, with the strength and desire to face the battle again. So many days last year, I didn’t want to open my eyes in the morning. I didn’t want to believe the new reality. I didn’t want to face another painful day of our journey.

  • Happiness Seekers . . . Listen Up!

    Who doesn’t want to be happy? I mean, I’ve known a few gloomy “Eeyore” types . . . so I’m exempting them, but really, I think that deep down everyone yearns to be happy. No one wants to start their day in the pit. Everyone seems to be looking for the key to happiness . . . and do I have good news . . . today, I’m sharing the key!  Yesterday, I gave you a fairly heavy word of warning as we started off in Psalm 1. I told you this passage offers a fork in the road. Thankfully, there is a fork! You don’t have to follow the pathway of…