• Offering You Hope After Abortion

    Yesterday, I cried out for the Church to not remain silent on the issue of abortion. Today I’m appealing to the Church to also reach out to those who’ve endured the brutality of abortion, or are struggling with the decision of an unplanned pregnancy. It isn’t enough to stand against abortion; we need to take a stand “for life” and one way we do that is by offering true life and freedom in Christ to those who are caught in the death trap.

  • Chocolate-Eyed Girl

    Her almond-shaped, chocolate eyes still haunt me. “Where is she right now?” is a question that keeps running through my heart as my mind rummages through a long running debate over where my responsibility to the helpless begins and ends. It was one of those rare sunny mornings that had no definite time frame. Usually when I travel 70 West, it’s with a time-crunch pushing me from behind and the clock urging me to run faster. But this day, the morning was open to possibilities and fun. My husband and I were heading to pick up one of our little ones with plans to play at the river. Thankfully, I wasn’t texting,…