• An Open Letter to My Love

    You were not at all what I was expecting when I slipped into the chapel for the noonday service at our small university. I’d heard about you, was even in a class with you (although I’d not yet noticed you). But I’d never had a conversation with you. The place was packed, and when you went to the platform, I thought you were just there to give an introduction to the “real” speaker for the hour. But, was I ever wrong about that. You were definitely the preacher for the hour. You gave one of the most powerful and Spirit-anointed messages I had ever heard. You preached from Jude’s final four verses.…

  • Kimberly and LeRoy Wagner

    Would You Like a Thriving Marriage?

    On the third night of our honeymoon, I cried myself to sleep. He was asleep before me. He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, and I thought, Oh, wait a minute. This is the third night of our honeymoon. I thought when you got married you’re supposed to talk way into the night and be romantic with each other just all the time . . .

  • A Letter to LeRoy

    Today, we’re not traveling to Colorado, but we’re taking time to recount God’s gracious work in our lives and remember together. And I want to take time to thank you.