• 10 Discussion Questions for Hurting Couples

    It still blows us away that God would do something like this. Listening to Focus on the Family when we were a young couple, struggling to survive in our marital misery, we would’ve never dreamed that one day God would choose to not only transform our marriage, but He would place the story on their radio broadcast. He never ceases to amaze us. Only God.

  • Offering Practical Help for Hurting Marriages

    Your marriage may be thriving, but what about your friend’s marriages? What about the many couples you come in contact with through the week—at work, on social media, in church? If you’re anything like us, you hear from a lot of hurting people, many who’ve lost all hope for their marriage. If that’s the case, I encourage you to consider passing on this resource to those friends (or using it yourself). Today and tomorrow, LeRoy and I will be sharing some practical help for couples on the Focus on the Family radio program. You may have heard our story many times, but have you shared it with others who may be struggling…

  • That Non-Mushy-Man Totally Surprised Me!

    Remember when I told you my favorite February memory? That February, before we were married, when LeRoy was working hard to win my heart and sent me gifts fourteen days in a row? (Single men typically have more money and more incentive for romance, just sayin’.) Remember that he surprised me by taking me on a “Deep South” tour? And remember when I said that was the most “mushiness” my man ever showed me? He tells people all the time that he used up all his romance factor in those two weeks. This week, that non-mushy-man completely surprised me, again!