• Delighting in the Small and Ordinary

    The gravel crunching beneath my feet makes a rhythmic beat. This path has changed a lot since we first started walking it. I’ve grown to love this path, with a sweet familiarity, like what you feel for a favorite dog-eared classic that you just have to keep returning to, even though you’ve read it dozens of times. This worn trail has worn a deep place in my heart.

  • The Tsunami that God is Sending to Latin America!

    The washing machine hums as I keep filling it and soon the smells of the streets of Querétaro, Mexico, will be replaced with Gain (original scent). The smell of this country is washing away, but the love for the women I met at Mujera Verdadera ’17 is planted deep in my heart. And I’m trusting that the work God did there will remain, grow, and flourish! There are few experiences that come close to reaching heavenly proportions, but praising God together with thousands of women from Latin America—several languages in one voice, transports me into that unseen realm. More than 4,500 women from cities all across Mexico, and 22 countries, came together…

  • I Thought I Knew the Gospel

    (Guest Post by Molly Hilbert) “It’s one thing to graduate from college ready to change the world. It’s another to be resolute in praying that God would change you” (Kevin DeYoung, The Hole in Our Holiness). As a senior in high school, I was excited to fill out my application to Moody Bible Institute. I don’t remember the exact words that I had written on my application, but I do remember this: “I want to go through Moody Bible Institute’s Applied Linguistics program so that I can be trained and equipped to become a full time Bible translator among a tribe that has yet to know of Jesus.”