• Riding the Roller Coaster of Illness

    I’ve never liked roller coasters. Ever. I just don’t get the point. Zooming through open air, way beyond heights that are safe, and then dropping so fast that you prepare to throw up. Not to mention slinging around corkscrew turns so hard that it triggers muscle spasms in your neck. And why in the world would any sane person enjoy risking flying off a track that probably hasn’t actually been inspected by someone truly concerned about safety? Really.

  • And So, a New Chapter Begins. . .

    The call finally came. We have waited for so long, it seemed that it might never come. You’ve been praying, we’ve been asking, so many have lifted up the specific request that LeRoy might be able to start treatment and . . . Yes! The call finally came.

  • Moving Into 2018 With Hope

    As 2017 came to a close, it slipped into the night quietly for us. LeRoy and I weren’t shooting off any fireworks or blowing horns. We didn’t even quite make it to midnight. Without any late night parties or fanfare, we’re gently releasing this year and opening our arms to the new.