• Whispering This Constantly – the First “Grace”

    “It makes no sense” is one of the most frequent statements I hear when people ask about how LeRoy is doing and if there is any improvement in his condition. No, we’ve seen no improvement. Yes, he still suffers with excruciating pain from nerve damage and muscle spasms. Yes, he still needs a great deal of assistance; he’s partially paralyzed due to spinal cord damage. His vision is blurry when he tries to read, his voice and body are weak, and his day revolves around medicine doses and difficult trips from his reclining chair to the bathroom. His life has taken a drastic turn.

  • The Slow Wait

    These walls held raucous laughter only a few hours ago, but now as everything is quiet, and I pick up the remains of delightful mayhem, the tears begin to slide. My daughter’s family has started their long trek home, all four little ones tucked safely inside their extremely packed vehicle. All the other family and friends have gone home. It’s just me and LeRoy again and the house feels too silent. As I pick up discarded Christmas bags and boxes, strip sheets from beds and roll up sleeping bags, I recount the many conversations, the Christmas cookies decorated, the bedtime stories read, and silly songs shared. I treasure the sweet memories made…

  • The Bondslave Mother

    Have you ever been falsely accused? Slandered? Exposed to public humiliation? We’ve all experienced the embarrassment that comes from being misunderstood. Most of us can relate to the pain of verbal insult. But imagine being totally innocent of serious accusation, but suspected of a crime punishable by stoning (Deuteronomy 22:23–24), all because you’ve obeyed God. That was Mary’s situation.