• Preparing for 2020 Today

    You don’t have to adopt a “spiritual focus” for the year in order to pursue God or cultivate a more intimate relationship with Him, but I’ve found that it helps to have a map that guides you toward a worthy goal. The yearly Scripture passage becomes my map and provides me with a course for the year. Setting the heart toward a certain destination will produce greater results than wandering aimlessly.

  • Experiencing Joy in Sorrow

    Joy has a special spot in my bedroom. She sits on the small love seat, looking completely out of her element as the lone “toy” in the room. But I proudly display her because she’s special to me. I doubt I would’ve ever purchased her myself, but a couple of my precious girls (both friends in their teens—one is my niece) brought her back for me from a trip they took to Chicago. They say that I remind them of Joy. Joy sits there and reminds me of them.

  • First Infusion Update and More

    Maybe secretly, you know deep, deep down inside, I was hoping for LeRoy to wake up the morning after his infusion and be pain-free. Of course, I’m always hoping for that, but getting this high-powered drug flowing through his veins might’ve raised my hope-level a bit more than usual. But reality came crashing in within hours of the infusion.