• Learning to Live With an Open Hand

    Being a planner is my nature. Things go much more smoothly when I’ve got a plan. It’s never fun to start a meal and realize you don’t have half your ingredients because you didn’t plan well. Especially when my children were small, it helped the day run well if I looked ahead and had things prepared for the day. As a young mom, I was forced to become an organized planner. But I’m realizing that this new life we’ve entered means letting go of my planner to some extent. I’m learning to live with an open hand.

  • Let Summer Be Your Growing Season!

    Do you have plans to join a Bible Study group this summer? I’m grateful to be involved with Bible Study Fellowship during the fall, winter, and spring, but spiritual growth doesn’t need to take a break through the summer, in fact, the summer can be a time when your time in the Word can thrive! This summer, I’m leading a group at our church through Titus chapter 2, using Nancy Wolgemuth’s book: Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together. Why did I choose this for our summer study? Because . . .

  • Where’s the Growth Chart?

    During the “Top Ten” series for pressing on to spiritual maturity, I had a dear friend email me with a few questions: What does this process of spiritual growth look like exactly? How is growth measured? Since there are no “growth charts” for young believers (as there are for infants: “failure to thrive,” “average,” etc.), how does one know if she is where she should be?