• Trust God to Write Your Story

    “Imagine the peace, comfort, and hope that would be ours if we really believed that He knows and sees everything that lies before us, before it happens—and that He has already provided whatever we will need when we get there! What freedom from fear, anxiety, and dread that should give us.”

  • It’s the Damage Done, Not the Disease

    The rare neurological disease that destroyed a good portion of my husband’s spinal cord, leaving him with significant paralysis, seems to have abated . . . as far as we can tell. He hasn’t had another recurrence, thankfully it hasn’t moved to his brain or other vital organs, and the lesions on his spine have almost completely disappeared. So, my prayer now is that the damage it has left behind will begin to heal. It’s the damage causing the pain, not the disease. You all have been a faithful band of prayer warriors. Many of you have sent links to websites and recommended various forms of natural treatment and given…

  • Why I Love Living in Providence: The Second Grace

    “Can you pray . . . ?” Almost daily, that question flows between my dear friend and me. God providentially knit our hearts together through a series of circumstances that He obviously arranged. I’m in a different season of life, quite a few years ahead of her, but we have more important things in common than age: our love for Christ, our commitment to His Word, and our care for our husbands who both suffer with debilitating nerve pain.