• Was the Cross Really Necessary?

    Two weary-hearted friends trudged slowly home. Days before, they were anticipating the Passover festival and wondering what they would witness as they followed the young rabbi to Jerusalem. Would His friend Lazarus of Bethany attend the festivities, the one He brought back to life from the dead?

  • Disappointments, Hopes, and Dreams

    If you are still with us on this journey, we want to pour out a huge bucket of gratitude on you. Thank you so much for continuing to stand with us in faith and to kneel with us in intercession. We stand in deep waters right now . . . pushed into the oceans of the unknown and “trust without borders.”

  • We’re Heading Back to Texas

    It’s been four weeks since we came home. Four weeks since we packed up our belongings from our eighteen-day stay at Zale Lipshy Hospital. It’s been a period of adjustment, learning, walking in foreign territory, shedding tears, lifting worship, and some days just plain shock and numbness. Only four weeks, but it’s been a long season of pain—much pain. Today I’ll load the car and we’ll head back.