• When Peace Flows Like a River

    When I was a little girl, I didn't know the story behind the hymn, I just knew that singing it always flooded my little soul with peace. Although I’d not yet experienced prolonged pain or been exposed to real suffering, my young heart had encountered dark evil, and this song brought a sweet “knowing” that, although evil lurks, because I belong to Him, God is watching over me. As a child, I claimed this hymn as my favorite, but it wasn't until I was a teen that I began to notice how God sovereignly wove that hymn into my life at significant junctures.

  • When Healing Doesn’t Come

    Long before LeRoy ended up in the hospital, we adopted a song on the radio as one of our new favorites. The words and message mean even more since we’ve started this journey into foreign territory. The lyrics are based on the Old Testament story of the three Hebrew boys in the book of Daniel. Remember them?

  • Don’t Waste the Suffering

    It had been a very hard day. LeRoy’s pain has been intense, and I’m unable to alleviate his suffering. So far, I’m managing to be out of his line of vision when the tears start spilling. I’m not wanting to add to the weight he’s carrying right now. The time will come for us to cry together, but not yet. Right now, I need to continue to be a strong and smiling encouragement for him. He told me this phrase has been running through his thoughts in his half-asleep state at night: “Don’t waste the suffering . . .” And I assured him that he’s not.