• Preparing for 2020 Today

    You don’t have to adopt a “spiritual focus” for the year in order to pursue God or cultivate a more intimate relationship with Him, but I’ve found that it helps to have a map that guides you toward a worthy goal. The yearly Scripture passage becomes my map and provides me with a course for the year. Setting the heart toward a certain destination will produce greater results than wandering aimlessly.

  • How to Be a Hypocrite

    For several years, I was (and still can be) a hypocrite. I could read, study, talk about, and even teach the Word of God—thinking I was living out what I professed—while all the time I was actually living as a hypocrite.

  • Not Losing Heart!

    November arrived, but the calendar in my head hasn’t caught up. It seems like everything in our lives came to a standstill way back in August, when LeRoy first entered the hospital. The world has moved on, summer ended and school semesters started, but in some ways, LeRoy and I are stuck in a “timeless” and somewhat solitary season. But even though I’ve been stuck back in August, the calendar tells me that fall arrived more than a month ago. And I don’t want to miss it. Fall is my favorite time of year, I love this season more than any other.