• Capturing Dreams in a Blog Post

    How do you summarize a dream trip? I can’t possibly compress all of the sweet moments, the laughter, the incredible views, and the deep fellowship from our #europeaninvasion22fifty trip. I’ve scanned the pics so many times, hoping to come up with a few that will paint a picture for you, but it’s so hard to choose!

  • Dreaming of the Louvre

    “When you grow up, we’ll visit the Louvre in Paris and see the most beautiful paintings in the world!” Growing up, I heard my mom’s dream many times, she talked of taking me to Europe since I was a little girl, but something always seemed to push those dreams to the back burner. My dad was the adventurer in the family, taking us on cross-country trips to see the Grand Canyon, Mount St. Helens (before and after its eruption), Niagara Falls, and sights along historic Route 66. He loved the west and all things historical about our country. And even though my mom enjoyed these family vacations, she always longed to see…