• I’ve Missed You!

    Seems like forever since I’ve posted. You might think I’ve been busy working on my de-clutter project, but no, shortly after that post, things began to hit one right after another. The de-clutter project was in full swing when I had to put on hold (But I will get back to it, I’m determined this time!). It’s been a long month of surgeries, doctor’s visits, hospital vigils and tests. We’ve had family emergencies, ministry emergencies, and the regular stuff that probably all of you deal with.

  • Ready to Visit the Swiss Alps?

    We’ve been enjoying several posts from my niece, Katie, who has been writing (on her personal blog) about her semester studying art in Liverpool. She’s spending time traveling during her Spring Break and her sister, Courtney, and a friend, Jeanne, have joined her. They are hiking through the Swiss Alps this week and sending us incredible pictures. I think you’ll enjoy hearing how she’s processing the experience. Here’s Katie ~

  • Looking for That Perfect View

    My niece, Katie, has been writing about her semester studying art in Liverpool (on her personal blog) and I’m sharing some of her posts here (if you missed the others, you can put her name in the search box and find them all). I think you’ll enjoy hearing her heart and traveling with her overseas for a bit. Here’s Katie ~